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Bed Frame Sale

Bed Frame Sale


For the entire bedding, the bed frame can play a great role in the mattress. A good bed frame can ensure the air circulation on all sides of the mattress. Using the right bed frame can extend the life of the mattress to a certain extent. Moreover, a good bed frame can support the entire mattress without causing a collapse in one place.

The bed frame is the foundation of the mattress, and the mattress is a supplement to the bed frame. The scientific combination of the bed frame and the mattress can form a good support and make people lie on more comfortable. At present, the market is mainly divided into wooden bed frames, iron bed frames and upholstered bed frames.


1. Wooden bed frame is a relatively common bed frame. Wood has a natural affinity and can be integrated with most decoration styles. However, the comfort of wooden bed frame is average and it is not suitable for relying on.

2. Metal bed frame, the durability of metal is sturdy and durable, but in general, metal bed frame can only be coordinated with elegant and retro decoration style and furniture. Because metal has the characteristics of cold and hard, the comfort is the worst, not suitable for people who like to read in bed and play with mobile phones.

3. The comfort of the upholstered bed is the best, and the materials covering the bed frame are mainly fabric and leather. The choice of fabrics is very wide and can be suitable for various decoration styles.

bed frame manufacturer

Jinlongheng provides a variety of upholstered bed and box springs in different styles and colors. Commonly, the bed frame is the mattress and the load-bearing body of all the weight above the mattress, in addition to the isolate where the mattress directly contacts the ground, this is the basic function of the bed frame. The most basic requirement for choosing a bed frame is to be durable, environmentally and friendly.

1. Our company's bed frame is made of imported pine wood, high-quality plywood and non-toxic hot melt glue, which meets environmental protection standards.

2. As we all know, the platoon frame bed itself is very elastic, combined with a mattress with excellent elasticity, can greatly increase the comfort of sleep and enhance the sleep experience. Use the correct bed frame. A good bed frame can increase the elasticity and comfort of the cushion and reduce the chance of spring sinking. The bed frame of our company can bear about 350kg, which can support two to three people.

Our company provides bed frames sale service in various colors and sizes, including single, double, queen, king bed frame and other sizes. JLH upholstered beds include bed set, box spring, headboard, bed frame etc.

As a professional manufacturer of bed frames,our company's advantages:

1. According to the standards of major manufacturers, select high-quality materials.

2. The product has a longer service life and is guaranteed after sale. We not only provide free design and proofing services, but also provide comprehensive after-sales service, so you can rest assured to buy our bed frame.

3. Professional R&D team, free samples and boards.

4. Provide a complete sleeping plan, which can be ordered and shipped together with the mattress.

5. Can be box spring. The spring, foam, wood frame and fabric are all produced by ourselves, and the delivery time is consistent. Control is better.

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