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JHL mattresses are a kind of modern green bedding product with a variety of excellent properties. They are dust-proof, anti-mite and static-free. What's more, they are very skin-friendly and soft and are even ideal for pregnant women and children who are susceptible to allergies.By placing a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery, this product innerspring foam mattress is imbued with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. JLH mattresses ensures high-quality and comfortable sleeping. This product offers improved give for a lighter and airier feel. 

It is perfect for all types of sleepers, particularly those who need extra support.

A nice cutting is the first step to have amazing mattress.

The spring workshop, The core of making a good mattress.

The process of carrying sponge.

The manufacturing process of JLH Foam Mattress. Let's see! Automatic foaming and cutting line.

About convoluted foam

Mattress production overview

The process of making upholstered bed.

Mattress in a box packing is very popular for fast delivery. Customers can bring the mattress back home directly in the shop, no need to wait. It’s also very good for the on-line selling.

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