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Buying Guide for High End Latex Foam Mattresses

Buying Guide for High End Latex Foam Mattresses


Are you looking for a high end comfortable sleeping surface? Are you in need of the best mattress in the market? Discover latex foam mattress that is made to provide relaxation and cool sleep for all types of sleepers. From side, back, stomach and couples, the latex foam mattresses are made for everyone.

Latex foam mattresses are the most popular types of mattresses in the market. Latex is famous for conforming more naturally and comfortably to the body. Additionally, the mattress bounces back steadily and quickly. The instant bounce back clearly proves a healthy and very reactive mattress pressure.


We wrote this buying guide to help you make an informed purchase of a latex foam mattress. Well, this guide is for you, if you have been looking for a supportive mattress that will conform to all types of sleeping positions. Proper support of the spinal alignment is important to people suffering from back pains. A great mattress is capable of alleviating chronic back pains.


Latex foam mattresses are crafted for the sole purpose of providing a healthy night sleep. The differences are simply clear even while comparing latex foam mattresses with other coil spring, traditional gel and synthetic foam mattresses.


 JLH-Memory Foam Mattress Manufacturers-Buying Guide For High End Latex Foam Mattresses

Features of the Latex Foam Mattress

The latex foam mattresses are made from the material which it derives its name. Latex was at first a natural polymer extracted from plants and animals. Today, Latex can be derived from synthetic latex options by interconnecting a series of bubbles to form a matrix. The tiny bubbles give the mattress its normal bounce and spring features. The main material used in the making of synthetic latex is styrene Buradiene Rubber, a common artificial alternative for natural rubber. A lot of controversy surrounds the properties of Styrene Buradiene Rubber and whether it is a safe mattress material. However, scientific research has proved that the material is safe and contains no harmful or allergic chemicals.

Natural latex mattresses are more durable than synthetic latex mattresses. Additionally, the springiness of the all-natural latex material is way higher than that of a synthetic latex mattress.

Both natural and synthetic latex have great heat and moisture dissipation properties that ensure comfort for people suffering from dust mite allergies. The regular alignment of the curves while you sleep and the general firmness of the mattress make it envy for many. Let us look at the unique features of latex foam matrasses.


The latex foam mattress also contains tiny air chambers that make sure air circulates throughout the mattress easily. This breathability ensures a cool night sleep.

Benefits of Latex Foam Mattresses



Latex foam mattresses are made for longevity. An all-natural latex foam mattress could last for more than twenty years. The life span of a synthetic latex mattress would somewhere around 10 years. In fact, you will never be required to flip a latex foam mattress from its first position. This is because the mattress remains comfortable throughout a very long time.



Latex foam mattresses are well ventilated. They contain air chambers that ensure ease of air circulation. Additionally, the mattresses have excellent dissipation features for both heat and moisture. The impressive ventilation ensures tough resilience of the mattress and great breathability that reduces heat buildup inside the mattress. The mattress also traps your body heat and radiates it away from the bed. This excellent heat dissipation ensures perfect regulation of your body temperature throughout the night.


Relieves Stress and Body Strain

The mattresses provide proper body alignment that instantly responds to all your sleeping positions. This provides great comfort-ability, alleviated back pains and a healthy night sleep. You can also flip between various comfort points and the mattress will still alleviate pressure points .The levels of temperature are low, therefore ensuring an entire night of relieving warmth. In case you prefer a firmer mattress, the latex foam mattress is also one of the best rated firm mattresses.


Anti - Microbial

Latex Foam Mattresses are sanitized against the growth of bacteria and fungi. The mattresses are also resistant to mold and mildew. All natural latex also acts as a wonderful prevention of dust mites. The average person sheds many microscopic skin cells every night. Furthermore, the person perspires at least a pint of water per night. Considering this situation, it is important to ensure an anti-microbial environment, where such contaminants cannot possibly thrive. Only a few mattresses in the market provide such conditions and Latex foam stands out.


Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Free

All natural latex foam mattress does not emit any chemical odors or VOC. This is a pretty outstanding feature when compared to Petroleum polyurethane foams and memory foams.


Environmental Friendly

The ecofriendly side of latex foam mattresses has remained relevant and promising since the 1950s. The all natural latex foam mattresses raise the bars even a notch higher. These mattresses avoid dangerous chemicals and the other big thing about them is their biodegradable nature. Latex foam mattresses have effectively been tested and performed exceptionally for being healthy and standard mattresses products. The entire process of manufacturing an all-natural latex mattress promotes biodiversity. Infact, extraction of the rubber sup from trees is helpful to the purification of air. The make of the latex foam mattress also does not contain Volatile organic compounds, phthalates, pesticides, persistent organic compounds, heavy metals and formaldehyde.


Disadvantages of Latex Foam Mattresses


High cost of Buying

Great latex foam mattresses cost money. The mattresses are some of the most costly markets you will find in the market. However, the price also depends on the brand and size of the mattress. The cheapest could cost you anything around $600, while the most expensive ones would cost up to $6,000. Nevertheless, there exists cheaper latex topper mattresses that might cost as less as $100 but their comfort cannot compare much to a full latex foam mattress.



We would recommend the latex foam mattress to anyone looking for a high end quality mattress with optimum comfortability. As you might have noted, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Unless for the high cost, we think latex foam mattresses are a great sleep companion. Where money is not a problem, we would recommend latex foam mattresses.

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