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Eight Misunderstandings of Sleep

Eight Misunderstandings of Sleep



Sleeping more is better for health. Experts think that the length of sleep has little relationship with healthy. Everyone’s sleeping time is different and individual different also vary greatly. Quality is more important than time. What’s more important is to maintain the living habits.


Dreaming at night shows that you have not rested well. Dream is an ordinary physiological phenomenon, and everyone has about 4 times per night. If you have a good spirits in the next day, you can’t say you haven’t a good rest.


Drinking can be hypnotized. During sleep, harmful substances from alcohol will accumulate in the body, poison the body, damage the retina, and reduce the ability to adapt.


Sleep can be stored and advanced. Sleep after fatigue can only relieve later fatigue, and the physical and mental overdrafts cannot be repaid by sleep.


Sleep disturbance is not a disease. It is known that 8% of people have different degrees of sleep disturbance in their lifetime. Insomnia can be eliminated, poor sleep is different from neurasthenia. For a few number of people with sleep disorders, some behaviors may have been shown, such as sleepwalk.


No nap needed. A nap is helpful for adjusting the biological clock and the 24-hour cycle, but the nap should not be too long, 15 minutes is appropriate.


Sleeping pills can be eaten often. More than 95% of sleeping pills will shorten deep sleep time, so the sleep by sleeping pills can’t really replace natural sleep.


Physical exercise is good for insomnia. Physical exercise can be used as an assistant  treatment for patients with insomnia, but strenuous exercise before going to bed can easily cause brain excitement and cause insomnia.


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