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wholesale Mattress manufacturers direct sales products

wholesale Mattress manufacturers direct sales products


Founded in 1982, jin longheng furniture co., LTD., which has experienced decades of precipitation, has developed into a large mattress manufacturer integrating research, production and sales. Our factory has experienced four major expansions, and the current plant covers an area of 200,000 square, with full automatic production line.The products are sold to 106 countries and are processed for 337 brands and certified by international standards.

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A good mattress, the hardcore is the spring.Every mattress of Jinlongheng is begun with a steel wire, which is maked by a professional quality control. ERP system arrange the production when the sales order is placed. Take a spring mattress as an example, after entering the production workshop, the bed net and the fabric will be produced simultaneously, and then enter the finished workshop for the surrounding edge (combination). After finishing, we will arrange the shipment according to different packing methods.

Bed net workshop

Make Spring->netting-> partition -> heat treatment -> bottom

Making Spring is according to the requirements of the different mattress, using the high carbon content in steel with standard to make spring separate, such as the circular spring, spring wire, wire drawing chain spring bags, etc., This is the first step on the inner spring mattress. The net is to make a good spring by using strings or hot melt glue to form a complete mattress. The woven bed net is put into the oven for a third anti-rust heating, whose purpose is to eliminate the stress caused by the string of bile, making the tank more elastic and prolong the life of the inner bile.It's three times longer to be used than the average mattress.

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Fabric workshop

Pattern -> cut -> quilted

The plaited flower is to make the material such as cloth, sponge, spray cotton, nonwoven fabrics fixed, make it form a whole, at the same time the pattern still can beautify the mattress. Then cut the finished fabric in accordance with the specified size, and cut the top and bottom surface of the mattress, as well as the side of the mattress. In the end, the fabric is inspected and the fabric is not removed, making the fabric cover of the mattress and put the two parts connected together.

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The finished product workshop

Button -> spray -> Tapping

After the process of the above process, the fabric needs to be enclosed in a whole, mainly in the way of cloth and spray, which is mainly used to fix the cloth around the mattress.Spray glue is mainly applied to the middle of the cushion layer, stretching the four sides to keep the bed net and fabric in order. Surrounding edge, near the bed nets and fabrics after tidy, will be fixed to the fabrics all round, to make it completely surrounded in bed nets, at this point, is needed to use webbing in the area, ensure the stable and strong spring net and fabrics.

The last step is delivery.We will pack the mattress according to the packing method specified by the customer: package, compression, ordinary packing and other packaging, and arrange shipment.



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