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Good sleep, healthy and anti-epidemic

Good sleep, healthy and anti-epidemic


Statistics show that people with various sleep problems in China account for about 38% of the total population, which is higher than the 27% in the world.

The COVID-19 is the most significant public health emergency since the beginning of the 21st century. It is still spreading globally, posing a huge threat to people's physical and mental health.  A research showed that during the epidemic, about 30% of people suffered from various degrees of insomnia. In special groups such as children, the elderly, and frontline rescuers, the risk of sleeping problems has increased significantly.

Generally speaking, individuals are prone to short-term insomnia after encountering an acute stress event. If they can get timely and effective intervention, they can often get good results. However, some patients have poor sleep habits, negative attitude, and incorrect sleep. The concept of chronic insomnia persists and develops into chronic insomnia disorder. Some surveys showed that during the isolate period, people used electronic devices for a significant increase in time, sleep time and wake-up time were significantly delayed, the total time in bed increased, but the quality of sleep decreased.

Sleep quality is closely related to immune system function. Good sleep can increase the defense capabilities of the immune system, and long-term sleep disturbances will reduce the body's immune system function, thereby increasing the body's risk of infection by respiratory viruses.

In addition, long-term sleep disturbance may also affect the recovery process of infected patients, and in severe cases may even increase the risk of death of infected patients.

In summary, sleep disorders can cause damage to the body's immune system, increase the risk of individuals contracting COVID-19, delay the recovery process  and reduce the protective effect after vaccination. Therefore, during the epidemic choosing a suitable mattress ensuring adequate sleep and enhancing individual immunity are effective means to fight the epidemic scientifically.

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