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Headboards are useless furniture, really?

Headboards are useless furniture, really?


The headboard is generally easy to be overlooked by everyone, but when you stand in a home and admire the view of the room, you may feel as if something is missing and what is wrong. It is very likely that the headboard is not selected properly. The headboard is not only the face of the bed, but also the face of the bedroom. The brilliant headboard can play a finishing touch.

Don't think that the headboard is just a board that occupies the space. It should be emphasized that in addition to decoration, it also has several functions. It is really a necessary tool for the bedroom and it is worth having.

Basic functions of hotel headboard:

1. Protective effect.

If there is no headboard at the head of the bed, the wall will conduct moisture, and over time, migraines will occur. Therefore, the headboard protects the head and prevents moisture from entering the brain. At the same time, it can also cut off the direct contact with the wall and isolate the cold feeling of the wall.

2. Rely on the role.

Before going to bed at night, guests can lie on it halfway, reading a book or swiping the phone for a while. If there is a headboard, you can lean comfortably without a pillow, which increases the comfort of the guests.

3. Partition barrier.

Using it as a presentation of partitions is another upgraded display, suitable for the creation of long and narrow bedrooms.

The construction of the natural barrier re-divided the layout of the bedroom, and the integration of the headboard and the partition function made the three-dimensional feeling in the space more intense.

4. Prevent items from falling from the seam of the bed.

Practical reasons, on the one hand, avoid the pillow falling down, because people have dynamics in sleep, even if they are next to the wall, there is no such thing as a headboard. On the other hand, the headboard can press the sheet to avoid under the sheet slippery away.

5. Decorative effect.

First of all, the purpose of the headboard is to serve as a sign, allowing guests to see at a glance which side their head is facing when sleeping. In addition, whether the design of a bed is good or not, the headboard occupies a big factor. The overall feeling of having a headboard is a little more atmospheric, a little more regular, and looks better than a bed without a headboard.

6. Psychological influence.

Psychologically speaking, the bedside will be insecure. If you sleep for a long time, it will lead to nervousness, suspiciousness, poor sleep quality, which is not good for your health. Avoid the feeling of "unreliable" and enhance the sense of security of the guests.

Therefore, for a five-star hotel, whether it is decoration style or customer experience, the headboard is a necessary piece of furniture.

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