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Here is a sleeping test for you!! Please check it.

Here is a sleeping test for you!! Please check it.


We know that we all sleep in different positions, but there are good and bad positions. According to the statistics, 80% of people have pain in some parts of their bodies, like lumbar acid, shoulder pain and so on.


Many of them have the above situation that is exacerbated by sleeping in the wrong position.


So now, you can have a test about your sleep quality. 

 sleep quality

Self-test: the quality of your sleep

Here are 5 criteria of quality sleep:

1. Fall asleep in 10-20 minutes.

2. Wake up more than 5 minutes not more than once.

3. Sleep without frightmare and forget quickly after waking up from the dream.

4. Wake up in the morning, you will feel energetic and not fatigue.

5. Sleep with no or little nightmares or abnormal behaviors.


Each standard 20 points, a total of 100 points, calculate how many points can you get?


The wrong sleeping position can cause or aggravate back pain. In other words, your health can be reflected in your sleeping. There are 5 types of sleeping positions and let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


01 Lie Supine in the bed


Pros: Relieves pain in the waist and back. Care for your skin.

Cons: Bad for snoring and people with sleep apnea.


Cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Gesson Anson says when lying on your back, your face is relaxed and breathable, which is good for keeping your skin active.


People with chronic back pain are not recommended to lie supine. Pillows can be placed under the head and knees to align the spine.


But when lying on your back, the tongue is pulled towards the back of your mouth by the earth's gravity, narrowing the airway and doubling the risk of snoring and sleep apnea.


02. Lie on the mattress left side


Pros: Prevent gastroesophageal reflux.

Cons: Increase wrinkle formation and may cause nightmares.


According to British gastroenterologist Robin Chutchan’s word, heartburn symptoms decrease when people sleep on their side.


A study by the University of Izmir in Turkey found that 40.9% of people who fell asleep when they sleep on their left side reported having nightmares, compared with 14.6% of people who fell asleep on their right side.


Therefore, avoid sleeping on your left side if you are feeling mentally tired and stressed.


03. Sleep on your bed or mattress right side


Pros: Good for your heart and your brain.

Cons: Squeeze your face.


Sleeping o your right side gives your heart more space on the left side of the chest, which helps lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate, which is good for people with heart disease.


It can also help prevent dementia and other degenerative diseases.


But to the child, if they always maintain a kind of sleeping position and it’s easy to cause facial ministry left and right asymmetry.


Extra tip: The correct position in the third trimester is to sleep on your side but you should change the two sides not always sleep on one side.


All in all, sleeping on your bed right side in the most friendly position to your body. 


04. Lie prostrate in the bed


Pros: Better airway, Least prone to snoring.

Cons: Causes pain and stiffness in the body, leading to tooth grinding and increased burden on the heart and lungs.


Lie prostrate help your airways much more open and prevent snoring.


When you sleep adopt this way, you have to turn your head to the side to breathe easily. This can cause headaches, stiff neck and shoulder discomfort, which can radiate to your arms.


05. Curled up when you sleep


Pros: Relieve the pressure

Cons: Aggravate neck pain and cause habitual hunchback.


British orthopedic specialist Amy Hope said that curling up in the fetal position gives the spine enough flexibility to allow for a variety of different sleeping positions at night.


This position ensures that the body is relaxed enough to help relieve stress and is suitable for people who are stressed and feel physically and mentally exhausted.


But at the same time, the fetal position can make neck pain worse.


Eventually, some common conditions recommend sleeping position:

Cervical spondylosis------ Lie Supine

Stomach ulcers------ Lie on the left side

Coronary heart disease------ Lie on the right side

Asthma------Lie on the side or half a reclining

Urinary Calculi------change the position frequently

Hypertension------Lie on your back with a pillow

Arteriosclerosis------Lie Supine

Varicosity------Pad your feet to make it heighten


Sleeping position is not fixed, it can be adjusted according to their own physical conditions. In addition to the correct sleeping position, quality mattress, pillows, suitable environment, enough sleep time and sleep quality is also indispensable. Did you sleep better last night?  


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