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How a Pocket Spring Mattress Can Help With Pain

How a Pocket Spring Mattress Can Help With Pain


Are your back and shoulders driving you insane? We all know the significance of a decent night's rest, and accomplishing this should start with good quality bedding. Mattress shopping might seem overwhelming with so many options to choose from, however, a pocket spring mattress might be the answer you have been searching for. Keep reading to find out what benefits lie between the pockets of this mattress.

What Is A Pocket Spring Mattress

It is made up of pocket springs that are individually wrapped with its own fabric pocket. These pockets are stitched or glued to the mattress. Each pocket springs works independently from one another, responding only to the pressure that is applied to a specific area. This will allow the sleeper to be supported by each individual pocket spring, which will cause customized support to each person sleeping on this mattress. Each unit works individually, which will prevent disturbance while re-positioning yourself.

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Types Of Pocket Springs

There are two main types of pocket springs, namely synthetic spun bond spring and calico encased pocket spring. 

Synthetic Spun Bond Spring

The synthetic spun bond spring is glued together with a type of polyester material. This is a less expensive type due to it being the least breathable and flexible. 

Calico Encased Pocket Spring

The calico encased pocket spring is encased in a breathable regular calico spread, which is then stitched together. This is exceedingly more responsive and breathable. The calico encased pocket spring is the highest quality spring that is found in a mattress. Each spring is housed in a calico spread, this gives more adaptability, which means the springs can flex effectively and breath more than cheaper pocket spring units. Workers sew the calico pocket springs together by hand. 

Pocket Spring Counts

Pocket Spring counts are the number of springs in the mattress. It is based on the quantity of springs in king-size bedding, which is 150 meters by 200 meters. The least number of pocket springs a mattress can have are 600. The smaller the diameter of the spring, the higher the spring counts will be and vice versa. 

How Many Springs Are Better For You? 

Pocket springs add to the levels of support and firmness of the mattress. Moreover, the gauge of the springs has an impact in deciding the general solidness of the mattress. Keep in mind that the pocket springs only make up a single component, the other layers, such as the memory foam or fillings will affect the general feel of your mattress. More pocket springs would not ensure a more comfortable mattress, rather, a greater density of pocket springs will carry your body weight across more springs and offer a more prominent dimension of reaction to your individual movement as you rest. 

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Benefits Of A Pocket Spring Mattress

It has numerous benefits that will cater to all your needs. Here are just a few benefits:

Consistent Firmness

It holds consistent firmness because every individual pocket spring is encased inside its own fabric sleeve. This makes an even dimension of firmness over the entire mattress, which will increase the level of comfort while resting.

Body Support

The pocket spring mattress offers total and consistent body support due to the pocket springs working separately. This will remove any unnecessary pressure and will ensure a painless night’s sleep. 

No Transfer Of Movement

Each pocket springs works independently from each other, responding only to the pressure that is applied to a specific area. This will give customized support to each sleeper and it will prevent disturbing your partner when you re-positioning yourself. 

Luxurious Feel And Comfort

They are frequently categorized as high-end mattresses because pocket spring mattresses are fitted with an extravagant upper-layer of foam that makes it soft and increasingly more comfortable while resting at night. These mattresses are delicate, and covered in luxurious material, subsequently giving it a wealthy and stylish look. Its padding effect gives incredible levels of comfort that will enable you to relax. 

Pressure Relief And Support

Due to the pocket spring working independently, every part of your body gets supported which removes pressure from your hips and shoulders. This ensures that you will wake up more refreshed and without any pain. 


The pocket spring center is breathable and allows air to travel through more freely, whereas a full foam mattress does not. The mattress will stay clean and will ensure a cooler night’s rest. 

Offers Support To All Shapes And Sizes

The pocket springs work independently and will ensure to support various types of body weight. This is particularly suitable for couples that vary in size because the pocket springs will support them individually. 


The memory foam in this mattress is normally hypoallergenic which will ensure that the mattress will stay clean, fresh and dust mite free. 

Spinal Cord Alignment 

The pocket springs react separately and therefore distributes the support for your body weight. The combination of foam and pocket springs will help correctly align your spinal cord, which will ensure less back pain when you wake up in the morning. 


You get nothing short of the best because these mattresses are categorized as high-end. According to Memory Foam Warehouse, you can expect to get a good ten to fifteen years out of your pocket spring mattress. 

Traditional Look And Feel 

You get the best of both worlds with this mattress, enables you to rest on a traditional-feeling mattress while receiving all the rewards of an innovative design.

Will It Help With Pain? 

Sleeping on a too soft or too hard mattress can increase the pressure on your body, which will make sleeping, no matter the position, extremely uncomfortable. However, each individual spring acts to help your whole body, making it nearly impossible for unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and hips. According to Therapedic, this is the very reason that a pocket spring mattress is often recommended for orthopedic patients with hip and shoulder problems. 

With all that said, what is stopping you from purchasing your very own pocket spring mattress? Conquer the overwhelming thought of mattress shopping and reap all the benefits of a pain-free night’s rest to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day! And JINLONGHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD can provide you with the right information about pocket spring mattress.

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