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How Do You Choose The Right Foam Mattress For You

How Do You Choose The Right Foam Mattress For You


Foam mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattresses on the market. Although they have been popular for many years, in recent years the range has been greatly expanded to foam mattresses with modern technology. These mattresses are available at a low price and mattresses with thermal foam are already available in premium mattresses. A properly selected foam mattress can be extremely comfortable and can properly support the spine and circulatory system during sleep. It is therefore very important that we know what we need to look for in order to choose the right mattress.

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What is cold foam?

Major foam mattress manufacturers are currently using some of the most popular foams. The offer usually includes memory, comfort, and cold foam mattresses. Although foam mattresses are often associated with low quality because of their popularity, modern foams today enable the creation of very comfortable and healthy mattresses. With foam mattresses, adequate ventilation and moisture management is very important. Foam mattresses are also suitable for allergy sufferers. They are usually suitable for high-temperature cleaning and do not allow accumulation of mites.


What distinguishes foam mattresses?

Mattresses of this kind are particularly suitable for our body - especially in modern foams. Accordingly, they support our spine and adapt perfectly to the distribution of our body. The foam mattress is a great solution for people in whom spinal health is important. Even people who restlessly sleep, like to use foam mattresses. Unlike spring mattresses, they do not make any noise during sleep. Foam mattresses are also relatively lightweight, so they can be easily tilted (to get their longer life - you should do that twice a year) and you do not need a very durable slatted frame.

Tip: Cold foam mattresses adapt to respond to heat. That's why they often seem to be tough at first.


Is a foam mattress suitable for you?

A foam mattress is a good choice for you if you value a good fit of the mattress for your body. This type of mattress supports your spine and your cardiovascular system accordingly. It allows a decent, restful sleep. It is also suitable for people with allergy problems, as no mites can develop due to good moisture management. A special value of the foam mattress is for people who do not sleep well. The lack of springs causes the mattress does not make unpleasant noises while sleeping. The right material also means that mattresses of this type are rather warm and help us not to get cold at night. Special attention should be given to foam mattresses that do not weigh too much.

Tip: If you have an allergy, you can definitely choose a foam mattress. Be sure to choose the right foam mattress manufacturers and pillows.


Which mattress will you choose? Comfort foam mattress or cold foam mattress?

Although comfort foam and cold foam mattresses are made of the same material, they have some differences. Manufacturing process ensures better ventilation of the comfort foam mattress, as it has open pores. On the other hand, the comfort foam mattress usually has less density. This results in slightly worse support of the back and our body during sleep.


How to choose the right size of foam mattress

The size of the mattress is one of the most obvious and important parameters. Given the size of the matter, we must first consider the number of people who will use it. One-person mattresses are usually available in widths of 80 to 120 cm. For double beds, we use mattresses of 140 to 180 centimeters. Two single beds often use two single mattresses. This allows each person to individually select the optimum hardness and type of mattress for him. Two single mattresses also allow for independent functioning so that we do not feel the night movements of the partner so much.


Many people do not check for the choice of a mattress of its length. Although the vast majority of mattresses are 200 centimeters long, we should buy a mattress with a length of 220 centimeters at a height of more than 185 centimeters. These are the things you need to consider before purchasing from foam mattress manufacturers.

An important parameter to watch out for is the height of the mattress. The foam mattress should be at least 14 cm high. Also, keep in mind that the mattress protrudes 2-3 cm above the bed frame to ensure comfortable use. From the height follows volume weight. It's a measure that shows how much material was made for a mattress.

Important in terms of the size of the mattress is also how much space we have in the bedroom for them. Remember that the most convenient is to be able to easily reach the bed on both sides.


Accessories for your foam mattress

Mattress Topper is definitely an important accessory for our mattress. By appropriate selection, you can increase the comfort of use. It can also help us if our mattress is too hard for us. They can also increase the heat in cold winter nights. Mattress Topper also contributes significantly to the hygiene of the mattress.

Tip: Moisture can form between the mattress and topper - remember to ventilate it regularly.


What to look for when buying - Conclusion?

In summary, there are some key features to look out for when purchasing this type of mattress from foam mattress manufacturers:

Do you have problems with your spine? Foam mattresses are very flexible, so they fit well in our body position. Do you restlessly lazy? A foam mattress works much better than a spring mattress because it makes no noise. Do you suffer from allergies? The foam mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers and allows high hygiene. Do you need a mattress for two? Mattresses in our shop are available in different sizes.


Order mattresses online

The right mattress is the guarantee for restful sleep and a relaxed wake-up in the morning. Therefore, you should not leave anything to chance at the next mattress purchase. Take the necessary time for the selection. Especially people with back problems benefit from a good and high-quality mattress type for their bed. Quality mattresses from foam mattress manufacturers are also available online.

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