How should hotels choose customized high-quality mattresses?

by:JLH Mattress     2022-11-02

A comfortable mattress can bring quality sleep to hotel customers. Therefore, it is very important for hotels to choose a good mattress. The selection of hotel mattresses generally follows the following principles: the same mattress pressure, Mattresses with different net weights have excellent support and can relax the whole body. At the same time, the mattresses are selected so that customers can maintain direct extension of the spine no matter what the sleeping position is, and maintain a good sleep stress curve. Importantly, the manufacturing materials will affect the environment. There is no harm. Since the health of the environment is directly related to the health of the lessee, what problems should the hotel consider first when choosing a mattress for custom mattresses? 

1. Fabric: When we see a mattress, what we see is the fabric of the mattress. Better mattress fabrics should be quilted tightly and loosely, and there are no wrinkles, leaks and floating lines on the surface. The surrounding edge of the sub has a uniform slope, no burrs are exposed, the surface environment is clean and tidy, and the hand feels comfortable and soft.

2. Bounce yellow: Most of the mattresses that everyone sleeps today are still Simmons mattresses, and the key to Simmons mattresses is the bed net. Soft strength and comfort, a good mattress, it is not easy to have sound even if it is hard to diastolic pressure.

3. Filling: The quality of the filling in a mattress is related to everyone's health. Because of rights and interests, there are many black-hearted manufacturers on the market. They use black-hearted cotton, weed upholstery, waste cardboard, lime Put the powder board into the mattress. When buying a mattress, you can get close to the mattress and smell it to see if it smells heavy. JLH Mattress as the professional hotel mattress manufacturer in China, specialized in wholesale hotel mattress, hotel mattresses for sale, and is committed to providing high-quality hotel mattresses for global customers

4. Bed frame: A good bed frame has better quality of the bed board. Nowadays, the bed board on the market is mainly made of solid wood. The firmer the bed frame, the better the quality.

5. Hand feel: When buying a hotel mattress, the hand feel is not enough to identify the quality of the mattress. The reliable identification method is to lie down and turn left and right. A good mattress has no unevenness, sunken bed edge or moving lining. situation. When you try to sleep on a hotel mattress, a good hotel mattress can maintain a natural stretch of your spine and fit your shoulders, waist and hips completely without leaving any gaps. But you need to choose a professional hotel mattress manufacturer.

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