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How to clean a dirty mattress?

How to clean a dirty mattress?


Home cleaning is a topic that every one of us will face. Many of our friends know that they have to wash and change frequently, so how to clean the mattress when it is dirty? Let's take a look below.

You have washed the sheets and quilt covers at home, but have you washed the mattress? Mattresses are indispensable for us to sleep, but the mattress has been sticking to the post for many years, and no one has ever thought about cleaning it. And the mattress that is slowly being ignored by us will become more and more dirty. But the mattress is so big that it cannot be washed in a washing machine. How do we usually wash it?

The first step: cleaning and dust removal.

Mattresses are generally not easy to get dirty, but it is easy to get dust. So our first step is to dust off the mattress. First, repeatedly tap the mattress, and then use the vacuum cleaner at home to clean up the dust, dead skin and other dirt on the upper and lower surfaces of the mattress.

The second step: using baking soda to remove moisture.

One-third of the lifetime is spent with the bed. Not only do we need to change the sheets regularly, but it is also necessary to have a clean mattress. After removing the dust, we need to dehumidify the mattress. Baking soda is the dehumidifier in daily life. Good helper, we sprinkle the baking soda on the mattress and pat it evenly, about 15-20 minutes, use the vacuum cleaner at home to suck up the soda powder on the mattress, and by the way, we will absorb the dust together again.

The third step: alcohol sterilization to kill mites.

The most invisible things on the bed are bacteria and mites, but they can affect our health. It is necessary to clean the mattress to eliminate bacteria and mites. The sterilization and disinfection effect of alcohol is recognized by us. After diluting the alcohol with water, moisten the cloth and wipe all parts of the mattress. The mites have nowhere to hide.

The fourth step: White vinegar cleans up stains.

As long as the mattress is free of stains, it will be cleaned after sterilization, but don’t worry if you accidentally get stains. Spray white vinegar on the stains, use a wet towel dipped in soapy water to press and wipe until it is cleaned, and the mattress is cleaned.


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