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How to improve the air quality in the bedroom?

How to improve the air quality in the bedroom?


People spend most of their time indoors, and at least one third of their time is spent in the bedroom. Therefore, paying attention to bedroom hygiene plays a very important role in promoting health. So, how should we pay attention to bedroom hygiene?

1. Pay attention to clean and don't store many kinds of useless sundries in the bedroom.

To improve the air quality in the bedroom, it is necessary to increase the ventilation time. After getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night, you should open windows for ventilation or use exhaust fans for ventilation. It takes 30 minutes for natural ventilation or 15 minutes for mechanical ventilation. In addition to frequent ventilation, households with air conditioners should also clean the air conditioner filter once a week. When cleaning bedroom furniture and sweeping garbage on the floor, it is advisable to frequently use a damp cloth or mop for wet cleaning.

2. Do not smoke in the bedroom.

Smoking in the bedroom will seriously pollute the indoor air and threaten human health. For this reason, while increasing the ventilation of the bedroom, be careful not to smoke in the bedroom.

3. Pay attention to the selection of furniture materials. Another source of bedroom air pollution is synthetic building materials and decorative materials.

Open the windows before going to bed to let air out, and try not to put the clothes you change after going home in the bedroom. In addition, place cacti or green dills in the bedroom. These two plants release oxygen at night. They have great benefits in purifying the air.

When you get up in the morning, you should also open the windows to let the air circulate better. Try to open the curtains during the day, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun are the best purifiers, which can kill the bacteria on the sheets, which is very helpful to the body.

Hope to improve your sleep quality and have a health body.


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