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How to improve the quality of sleep?

How to improve the quality of sleep?


How to improve the quality of sleep?

Good sleepOnly in the state of deep sleep, it is conducive to the repair and regeneration of each cell. 

A reasonable diet and exercise, can replenish energy for the body. At the same time, it is also conducive to the regulation of various physiological functions and reduces the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. How can we have a good sleep?

What are the golden rules to have a good sleep?

1. Maintain a regular schedule

Sleeping on time every day, waking up on time, playing mobile phones or playing games before going to bed will not only occupy sleep time, but also make the brain nerves in a state of excitement. Moreover, the radiation of electronic products will affect the nervous system and cause people It's easy to wake up, it's difficult to fall asleep or stay in a light sleep state. Therefore, half an hour before going to bed, all electronic products should be turned off. If you feel bored, you might as well read some useful books.

2. Keep a good habit of taking a nap

The lunch break can keep the energy vigorous, even if you sleep for half an hour, it will make people's spirits more vigorous. Especially in summer, the days are long and nights are short, and some people have poor sleep quality. Coupled with the hot summer, it is easy to make people feel tired. You might as well take 30 minutes to take a lunch break. If the time is too busy, you might as well take 10 minutes to close your eyes and rest.

3. Provide a good sleeping environment

Pay attention to the ventilation of the living environment and maintain a suitable temperature. The room temperature is controlled at 20°C and the humidity is controlled at about 60%. The sheets and bedding should be changed and washed frequently to maintain the size and comfort of the pillow. The light must be turned off before going to bed, because only in a dark environment is it conducive to the production of melatonin and help people fall asleep. If you sleep with the light on, it will destroy melatonin and cause people’s psychological and physical disorders.

4. Adjust your diet

Be sure to master the skills to eat a good dinner. A full or fasting state will affect sleep. You should not eat any food within 4 hours before going to bed. If you are very hungry, you can drink a glass of milk or the whole wheat bread. If you can't sleep in bed tossing, you can get up to take deep breaths or do yoga. At this time, you can't turn on your computer or play with your mobile phone, otherwise it will increase your mental burden and affect your sleep.


For people with insomnia, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin B, which can increase the basal metabolic rate, enhance the function of the nervous system, and eliminate irritability, such as whole wheat bread biscuits, oatmeal or brown rice. Tryptophan is also a good choice, which can inhibit the excitability of the central nervous system and make people feel guilty. Tryptophan can be converted into melatonin in the body, which has sedative and hypnotic effects. It is recommended to choose walnuts, millet, yogurt or milk.

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