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How to judge the quality of mattresses

How to judge the quality of mattresses


Learn to judge from the smell of the mattress.

Mattresses made of natural materials such as coconut palm and pure latex are highly environmentally friendly, with high prices and high costs. Many profiteers will fake them and use polyurethane compounds or plastic foam pads with excessive formaldehyde content to pretend to be natural mattresses. Our high quality mattresses will not smell pungent.

Judging from the workmanship of the mattress fabric.

Looking at the quality of a mattress, the most intuitive thing that can be observed with the naked eye is surface fabric. The high quality fabric feels comfortable and relatively flat, without obvious wrinkles and no jumpers. In fact, the problem of excessive formaldehyde in mattresses often comes from the fabric of the mattress.

The softness of the mattress should be moderate.

Generally Europeans like soft mattresses, while Chinese people prefer rigid beds. So is the mattress the harder the better? This is definitely not. A good mattress should have a moderate hardness. Because only a moderately hard mattress can perfectly support every part of the body, which is beneficial to the health of the spine.

Compare from internal materials or fillers.

The quality of the mattress mainly depends on its internal materials and fillings, so the internal quality of the mattress should be observed. If the inside of the mattress has a zipper design, you may wish to open it and observe the internal process and the number of main materials, such as whether the main spring reaches six turns, whether the spring is rusty, and whether the inside of the mattress is clean.

When buying a mattress, you may wish to use these 4 techniques: look, pressure, listening and smelling that is to see whether the mattress has a thick and uniform appearance, a smooth surface, and a well proportioned line mark.


Testing the mattress by hand, first test the diagonal pressure of the mattress (a qualified mattress requires a balanced and symmetrical diagonal pressure).

And then evenly test the surface of the mattress, the filling is evenly distributed, and the rebound force is balanced. The quality of the mattress is good.

Listening is a measure to detect the quality of mattress springs. Qualified springs have good elasticity under flapping, and have a slightly uniform spring sound. Rusty and inferior springs are not only poor in elasticity, and there will be a noise under squeeze.

The smell of a good mattress should have the natural fresh smell of textiles.

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