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Jinlongheng participated in a wholesale mattress organizational system seminar

Jinlongheng participated in a wholesale mattress organizational system seminar


The commitment to constant change has led to our willingness to try new things and be willing to change. There is success, but that is the success of the past, and jinlongheng is not satisfied, but always from the beginning to the beginning, this is the commitment of Jinlongheng to change. On 14th -18th Dec. 2017, Chen zhaojia, chairman of Jinlongheng, led the company's decision makers to Beijing to participate in the organizational system research meeting held by changsong group.

The seminar provides effective basis on how to improve enterprise management maturity, increased profits, strategy, goal decomposition, team activation, and through a standardized system operation, import and use the organization system further optimization management system. The company has made a deep interpretation of the employee's career planning and salary system.

Jinlongheng will invest heavily in talent in 2018, and have a good, performances-oriented culture. Boldly seize every opportunity to meet every challenge and pursue faster and better. The world is changing more and more rapidly. Competition, for Jinlongheng, is not just the only way to achieve success, it is a daily continuous working condition.

Each generation has the long march road of every generation, as long as we roll up our sleeves to support our work, we must be able to take our long march road.The great Chinese dream of the our nation must be realized. The Chinese dream, we are moving.

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