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Keep Learning, Be Professional

Keep Learning, Be Professional


       This is a time full of competition, studying and revolution. No matter enterprise or individual. We have to keep learning, surpass the tradition and break with convention , so that we can survive and develop.

JLH-News | Keep Learning, Be Professional


       The middle and senior managers spent more than a month to learn about performance assessment and other relevant content about how to do management In the form of team pk. During the study, the trainees have seriously invested in and cherished the opportunity for learning. They not only share their own feelings after class, but also applied what they learned to the work. Through the team's concerted efforts and joint efforts, they achieved excellent results.

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       After one month's study, they got great process in the knowledge and arrangement. With the idea of “ Giving the world a good night’s sleep ”, they will play an important role in improving the mattresses quality. Meanwhile, we insist on offering the excellentvice to our customers. Only to keep learn something new and energetic, and we will become more professional.

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