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Latex mattress

Latex mattress



The raw material of latex mattress is hevea sap. Latex mattresses have high elasticity and can meet the sleeping posture needs of different weights people.

Benefits of latex mattress

1. Anti-mite and anti-bacteria: Because the latex mattress contains hevea protein, which has the ability to inhibit the bacteria and allergens. It also meets the requirements of environmental protection, has no static electricity, and emits natural milk fragrance.

2. Well air permeability: Natural latex has countless gas hole, which can discharge the moisture from the human body, and can also promote natural ventilation and provide the best natural air conditioning system, so it has good air permeability.

3. Strong resilience: The latex mattress is formed by a special foaming process. This process makes the mattress durable, strong resilience, shape can be maintained for a long time, easy to clean.

4. Health and environmental protection: Latex is an advanced principle in medical treatment, it is harmless to the human body and does not contain toxins. Even in the case of overheating or burning, it will not produce toxic substances. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly material.

Disadvantages of latex mattress

1. Latex mattresses are made of natural materials, and latex cannot prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet rays, its oxidation process will be faster.

2. Natural latex is liquid, pure latex cannot be formed, because of the presence of water and additives, the content of natural latex cannot reach 100%. Products with more than 90% natural latex content on the market can be called pure natural latex products.

3. Latex mattresses can cause skin allergies to some people

Because some people are allergic to protein, and latex mattresses have higher protein, people who are allergic to protein are prone to skin allergies when using latex mattresses.

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