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What factors affect the quality of our sleep?

What can we do to improve our sleep?

Among the many factors that affect sleep quality, such as light, body temperature, diet, mattress and so on.

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1. Light

Modern research has found that strong light can cause strong stimulation to the human brain. At the same time, it also stimulates the human retina, causing it to produce nerve impulses, inducing abnormal brain activity and making people unable to sleep. If a person sleeps under the strong light for three consecutive days, neurological disorders will occur, which may even cause mental disorders in the long term.

Most professionals now sit in the office for a long time. If you receive very little light during the day, especially working in a dark environment for a long time, it will cause the melanin disorders.Although the fluorescent lamps in our daily life can simulate sunlight, they cannot completely replace sunlight.

Therefore, in order to ensure a good sleep, remember to dim the light at night and do not look at electronic devices such as mobile phones before going to bed.


2. Body temperature

Among the factors that affect sleep, body temperature is also a very critical factor. When the body temperature rises, you are more likely to wake up, when the body temperature is lowered, you are more likely to feel sleepy.

Exercise will make our body temperature rise rapidly, so remember not to do strenuous exercise before going to bed. This can easily make you nervous and unable to fall asleep.

Some friends like to take a bath before going to bed, thinking that relaxing will help you fall asleep. But also pay attention to the bathing time, it is best to take a bath two hours before going to bed. Because taking a bath will speed up blood circulation and increase body temperature. After two hours, the body temperature slowly dropped, and falling asleep at this time makes it easier to fall asleep.


3. Diet

In addition, what we eat and drink everyday will also affect the quality of sleep.

Those drinks that contain caffeine are more refreshing. This is also the reason why drinking coffee, tea and other beverages when tired can be refreshing.

However, from the perspective of improving sleep, these refreshing beverages and foods, it is best not to eat before going to bed, otherwise too much energy to sleep will affect the quality of sleep.


4. Mattress

Mattresses, as our very important sleep tools, have a great impact on sleep and health.

Sleep in a good hard bed, get up when feel the whole body is also hard...

Sleeping in a bed that's too soft will wake up sore and uncomfortable...

A good mattress needs to meet several criteria: durability, comfort, silence, air permeability, environmental protection.

In addition, different sleeping habits lead to different mattress choices.

People who like to sleep on the side: suitable for softer mattresses;

People who like to lie on their stomachs: suitable for harder mattresses;

People who like to lie prostrate: suitable for medium hardness mattresses.

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