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Mattresses Impact on Sleep and Health

Mattresses Impact on Sleep and Health


Sleep is one of the integral parts of daily life and a good sleep prepares the body for the next day and rejuvenates the person. Just as one is cautious in buying shoes because a bad decision will invite discomfort to the body and will ruin the next day. Hence, the quality of sleep is dependent on the mattress. According to Charles A Czeisler from the board of National Sleep Foundation and Baldino Professor of Sleep Medicine, younger adults of ages 18 to 25 years and adults up to 64 years of age must have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Therefore, buyers are choosing a mattress from memory foam mattress manufacturers. At the same time, it can be very irritating for the buyer to choose a mattress for the first time though there are lots of manufacturers and company providing the memory foam mattress reliability and quality matters most. So, buyers must spend considerable time to choose a mattress without being shy.

Mattress uses varieties of materials such as inner springs, foam, fabric, water or air. Depending on the materials used, the mattress may be stiff or very responsive to the body’s temperature, humidity and the level of comfort is different for each individual. However, mattress manufacturers assure to provide comfort to the body. Therefore, the rule of thumb says to just shop around to experiment the mattress without falling asleep on the mattress while doing a sleeping test and then only make the purchase decision. After all, it’s about buying your good night’s sleep and the place where a person spends one-third of life that’s 9,125 days if you live for 75 years.

The concept of memory foam is many decades old. This was originally originated at NASA but only in recent years innovation and technology have made this mattress to reach the peak of its demand. Memory foam mattress has radically changed the market of the mattress when launched initially in 1991. This market was once governed by innersprings using coils such as Bonnell Coils, offset coils, pocket coils. Waterbeds also gained fame in those days to relieve pressure. But very soon the market was undertaken by memory foam. TEMPUR-Pedic is the first memory foam mattress manufacturers and is famous for its expensive prices. Since then there came many market players in memory foam mattress production such as China which plays an important role in the international mattress trade market.

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Memory foam gives sound sleep and presents many health benefits as well. This material is a solution to the problem such as restlessness, back pain and if the partner or children disturb you while sleeping. Also, the memory foam mattress is effective to prevent disorders related to sleep like insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs and sleep apnea. Though these mattresses from memory foam mattress manufacturers have been created as supportive sleeping aids there are different types of memory foam mattresses and all are created with different technology and provide a different level of comfort depending on the choices and preferences of consumers. The material used in the foam can be hot or cold, or some may cause the bounding effect. People with intense muscle pain have difficulty in getting comforts but mattresses from memory foam mattress manufacturers is a good choice for such people. It’s on consumer’s choice that what they want and how do they sleep. Some other benefits of sleeping on memory foam are the adjustment to heat and body’s weight, memory foam pillow, a good sleeping posture, relief from allergy and relief from body pain and soreness.

This has caused an increase in demand for memory foam from consumers of all ages to get a relaxed night with stable sleep. To achieve this, memory foam mattress manufacturers have used different densities of foam to contour to the shape of the body. There are innerspring mattresses as well built on a sequence of steel coils to provide support but such mattresses sag as time passes and causes unbearable pain and discomfort while sleeping. In contrast, suppliers manufacture the mattress which provides a cushion of support. Moreover, the support from such a mattress is almost double as compared to innerspring mattresses. This development in memory foam has caused a revolution in the mattress industry. Normal elastic polyurethane bounces and returns to its previous shape but viscoelastic memory foam takes time to recover and has few springs, providing more support on sleep surface. At first, the cost of memory foam was very high, requiring cost control methods. The cost reduction exercise was only possible for memory foam mattress manufacturers when it was produced on a large industrial scale to bring it into the market. From then, there are many attempts to alter the chemical structure of polyurethane and scientists added additives to make it more comfortable and to release heat absorbed from sleeping bodies. Now, almost one-third of mattresses is made up of memory foam either partially or entirely. There are many young and passionate entrepreneurs bringing lots of innovation in this field and is even looking to expand the market.

The study conducted on the memory foam mattress market, demand, growth, opportunities, and analysis forecast have revealed that key regions for the consumption of memory foam mattresses are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa.

Finally, it is worth saying that memory foam mattress manufacturers have been trying best to enhance the quality and safety of memory foam mattress and to reach at today’s stage the way was not easy. The manufacturers of the product have also come a long way of 25 years fighting with challenges, ups, and downs and still in the process of innovation. Moreover, as a buyer, it is very necessary to undertake informed decision and utilize value for money appropriately and it is the time to invest for your health.

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