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With years' experience of providing ODM services, we keep innovating and now we have our own way of providing our ODM services. Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd has established Global Mattress R&D I-Manufacturing Center in 2018. In terms of production, we can provide our professional technical solutions and suggestion on the production. Besides, we can provide you luxury mattress services in terms of Marketing Suggestions, Products, display, employee training and our mutual-trust. Get contacted and know more about us!


Marketing Suggestions:

1. Marketing props production services will be provided.

2. Develop and recommend a sound marketing plan for customers.

3. We can recommend product sales ratios and price positioning for our customers.

4. We give our customers advice on sales channels.

5. Marketing copy will be carefully crafted.

6. We will do sales data comparison and analysis for our customers.

High Quality Production Support:

1. Our products include mattresses, beds, springs, pillows, and other bedroom series with professional sleep technology.

2. We have a variety of series:  Natural Fresh, Lolita, Venus, Easy go, etc.

3. More than 80,000 pieces/month of mattress production capacity can be guaranteed.

4. More than 10 patents in the field of mattress and spring technology.

5. Strict product testing and QA protocols will be provided. We have independent product development capabilities.

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