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Pillow effect

Pillow effect


According to statistics, 150 million of the 600 million people with insomnia in the world are due to uncomfortable pillows. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable pillow, which is closely related to our health.

1. Stiff neck

An overly high pillow will destroy the natural curvature of the spine and make the muscles tense and stiff. If you wake up in the morning and feel that your neck suddenly becomes stiff and inconvenient to move around. If you haven't done any significant exercise the day before, you have to consider whether your pillow is too high and stiff neck.

2. Snoring

If the pillow is too low, it will easily cause snoring problems and can easily cause congestion of the head and swelling of the face. Moreover, snoring will not only reduce the quality of sleep, but also cause insomnia in the people around you.

3. Puffy eyes

If the pillow is too soft, the head will sink deeply, the blood flow will be too concentrated, and the facial muscles will be stressed. If you often find swollen eyes, you can consider changing to a firmer pillow.

4. Drool

A too hard pillow will compress the carotid artery and cause poor blood circulation, which will cause hypoxia in the brain . The direct response to hypoxia is increased saliva secretion and habitual mouth breathing. If you always find a large wet area on the pillow towel, consider changing to a softer pillow.

Three principles for choosing pillows

1. The sleeping position determines the height of the pillow

Experts suggested that sleeping position is a decisive factor that affects the height, softness and hardness of the pillow. If you are accustomed to sleeping on your back, the height of the pillow should be roughly equal to the height of your fist. If you prefer to sleep on your side, choose a pillow with the thickness of your shoulder. If you are accustomed to sleeping face down, put the pillow on your chest, and choose a soft pillow, because a pillow that is too large will compress the heart and cause insufficient blood supply.

2. The skin type determines the material of the pillow

If the skin is prone to allergies, don't choose feather pillows. The fine fibers in the feathers can easily cause allergies. If you have dry skin, it is recommended to avoid pillows filled with hollow fibers and man-made fibers. Because of its poor air permeability and lack of elasticity, it is also prone to static electricity.

3. Sleep quality affects the choice of pillow material

If you are prone to insomnia, don't choose slow rebound pillows, because the elasticity of these materials is unstable and affect sleep. It should be selected to conform to the normal physiological curve of the human body, so that no matter supine, side, cervical spine, and respiratory tract can return to normal physiological curve during sleep.


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