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Rolling mattress in a box

Rolling mattress in a box


JLH have different packing ways, like compressed and rolled mattress in the box, or rolled in the bag. The current building floors and hotel building floors are getting higher and higher, and the supporting elevators are not suitable for carrying large furniture. The furniture distribution problem caused by the situation, a series of new and convenient transportation products have been introduced, such as: compressed roll.

Our company invested the rolling patent in 2007. We own the technology of rolling mattress. So no matter the mattress is 20cm or 40cm, normal or have strong foam encase, we also can roll it without any problem.

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When the mattress to into the machine,  will wrapping by the PE bag. Then the machine will compress the mattress, turn it into the right rolling direction. Then we would roll the mattress as big as customer’s requirement. At last, worker’s would pack the rolled mattresses in different packing. Most of customers would used their own box.

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The advantages of compress and roll pack in the carton box:

1. Small size, convenient transportation and distribution, saving freight

According to statistics, due to the impact of the epidemic, continued port congestion, capacity and equipment problems are driving up container shipping rates. The compressed roll package can greatly reduce the transportation volume, increase the transportation quantity, and reduce the transportation cost. A 40HQ container can hold about 600 mattresses of 25 cm high, or even more. It can also reduce the cost of transporting and delivering to home for merchants. No matter how high the floor is, as long as there is an elevator, you can put it down and send it directly upstairs. One person can easily deliver the mattress to the door and save more shipping costs.

2. Good quality

Customers will worry about asking: After your mattress is compressed, will the inner material be deformed? Will it not rebound? Is the quality good? And other questions.

Our company started to manufacture foreign compressed and rolled mattresses in 2007, and the technology is already very professional. As for the quality of the product, the springs and sponge inner materials of compressed mattresses are much higher than those of uncompressed mattresses. Because the quality of springs in compressed mattresses is not good, the material density is not high, and the mattresses are basically bad. Can't play.

3. Vacuum packaging, environmental protection and health.

Compressed roll-packed mattresses are packed in PE by vacuum compression.PE packaging film can protect the products to be maintained from pollution, corrosion, scratches, and maintain the original bright and shiny appearance during production, processing, transportation, storage and use. At the same time, PE bags are non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, good transparency.

The mattress unpacking process is also very simple. After taking it out of the box, use scissors to cut open the PE bag to help air enter the mattress and give it time to restore to the original.

In summary, rolling mattress in a box are convenient for hotels to transport when changing mattresses. It is also very suitable for importing mattresses from overseas.

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