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Sample Offer

Our mattress is a modern green bedding product with various excellent properties. They are dust, mite and antistatic. JLH mattresses have obtained STANDARD 100 certification for this product, which meets the international safety and health standards, green environmental protection standards and flame retardant standards of the United States and the United Kingdom. What's more, they are skin-friendly, soft, and even suitable for pregnant women and children who are allergic.

 JLH luxury mattress ensure a good and comfortable sleep. By placing a set of uniform springs in the interior layer of the furniture, the product bed can have a firm, elastic and uniform texture. The product provides an improved feel, bringing a lighter, more airy feel. Not only does this make it exceptionally comfortable, it is also helpful for sleep health.

Sample Offer

1. Contact us and confirm the specification !

Normal Size is 45*65cm, or customized size.

2. Start the production and ready for shipment!

7-10 days for production.

3. Send out by express or shipping, wait for the delivery!

Days after sending out, you can get the delivery!

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