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Something that can't be placed under the bed

Something that can't be placed under the bed



Many people think that under the bed in the bedroom is an excellent place to store items. Sundries and valuables are often placed under the bed, but not all items are suitable to be placed under the bed.

1. Old clothes

Old clothes are the most taboo items to be placed under the bed, mainly because the old clothes placed under the bed can easily breed bacteria, which simply provides a breeding ground for bacteria. If you put the old clothes under the bed, the bottom of the bed will be stuffed. Being tight and airtight will also affect the health of the residents. Therefore, it is taboo to put old clothes under the bed.

2. Waste electrical appliances

If you have some unused electrical appliances in your home, do not put them under the bed for storage, because the discarded electrical appliances contain a lot of heavy metals, which can easily cause pollution. For example, some elements such as "mercury" can damage our brain and nervous system. Every electrical appliance is radiated by a magnetic field, which can affect the sleep of family members. High-intensity radiation can also affect brain waves, making it difficult to enter deep sleep. For a long time, people will experience trance, lack of sleep, and listlessness. Therefore, some electronic products, such as electrical appliances and digital products, should not be placed under the bed.

3. Rubbish

Many people like to lie in bed motionless, even sitting on the bed when eating, so it is easy to cause food residues to fall on the bottom of the bed. If you neglect to clean, this kind of food will easily get mouldy because of the bottom of the bed. The environment is dark and nourishes bacteria. And the usual smelly socks or changed clothes are thrown away. If they are thrown under the bed, they are generally not found, so they will always accumulate under the bed. This will cause a lot of bacteria to breed, which will seriously disturb our sleep. It is best to buy a storage box for clothes, so that it will not get dirty and damp under the bed.

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