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The ideal King size bed base

The ideal King size bed base


Looking for a king size bed frame can be overwhelming, because the market is flooded with options, and factors such as space and budget must also be considered.

The king size bed is the widest among all standard size mattresses, and its size is 183*203 cm. Depending on the design, the general king size bed frame may need to be several centimeters larger than the mattress.

So who would need a king size bed?

The king size bed is very suitable for a family of three traveling with children, because the king size bed is spacious enough to accommodate couples and children. At the same time, the king size bed is also particularly suitable for individuals who get extra space while sleeping.

The purchase of a king size bed frame is a factor to consider:


What kind of room is suitable for a king size bed frame? Before choosing a bed frame design, you need to measure the size of the room first. The ideal room size recommended for a king size bed frame is three meters wide. After setting up the mattress and other furniture (such as bedside tables, floor lamps, and dressing tables), you must consider how much space is left. According to the available space, you can choose a variety of bed frames that suit the style of the room.


Because of the amount of materials, the price of a king size bed frame is generally higher than that of other sizes, and the price of a king size bed frame of different materials is different. According to your budget, you can choose a simple wooden bed frame or a beautifully upholstered bed frame with a headboard and drawers.

Height of bed frame.

When buying, it is important to see whether the height of the bed frame and mattress is reasonable. Too low is not conducive to ventilation and cleaning under the bed, and too high is not conducive to getting on and off of guests, and it is not very safe.

Generally, we think that the total height of the mattress and bed frame is about 45cm, we know that the normal thickness of the mattress is about 20-30cm, and the average thickness is about 27cm. Therefore, the height of the general bed frame is between 18-25cm.


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