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The junk sleep you don’t care, is that so horrible?

The junk sleep you don’t care, is that so horrible?


Do you feel sleepy and still want to sleep more when you wake up in the morning every day?

Or sometime you may fall asleep at the time you just get on the bed but your head is still dizzy and run out of energy, why?

Junk Sleep

as the concept of ”junk sleep”, which was investigated by the British Sleep Council, it has aroused heated discussion in academic circles again.

Junk Sleep

“Junk Sleep” is similar to “Junk Food”, which was talking about the poor sleeping time and sleeping quality.

Lots of research shows that too much sleep would cause the rate of sickness and death, especially for seniors.

How to know if your sleep is a junk sleep or not?

If your situation meets the points as follows, then your sleep maybe is one of those called “Junk Sleep

1. Fall asleep while watching TV, listening to music or playing with your phone;

2. Force yourself to sleep and get up at the “time”, and the “time” is always changing.

3. Waking up naturally and thinking to “sleep a little bit longer” to extend your sleep.

4. Don’t want to sleep at night and try to sleep during the day and weekend.

5. The working pressure is huge, have to work at night, and sleep immediately after high-intensity work, etc.

As we all know, every organ in our body all need to rest, and the brain is the organ that works harder, the other organs all have the lymphatic system to exclude the rubbish inside our body, which is the brain doesn’t have. The late research shows that only when you sleep that the brain will exclude the rubbish through the interspinal blood vessel.


What’s the badness that Junk Sleep would bring?

• Sleep too much would cause diabetes

Normal sleep time is 6-8 hours, research discovers who sleep more than 9 hours the risk of having diabetes would increase 3 times.

• Sleep too much would become stupid

The longer you sleep, the longer the brain would rest, and cause the brain cell’s activity decrease, in the meanwhile, the time that nerve cells would be much longer, would influence the intelligence gradually.

• Easy to die

The data shows that the people sleep 7 hours the rate of death is lowest, and less than 6 hours would increase the rate, also more than 9 hours would increase the rate of death.

And this result is regardless of sex, so as for the sleep isn’t sleep longer, the better, everything is changing.

• Increase the weight

The researchers study the adult’s weight and the fast-growing situation in Quebec, Canada. They discover that the man sleeps shorter and longer, their weight increase more than those sleep 7,8 hours.

During the research, even control the food and exercise, the man who sleeps 9-10 hours, the Possibility would increase 25% to gain 5kg weight.

“People would have the strong sleepy, tired, easy to be annoyed, emotion is unstable and lost the ability to work carefully and disorientation after a fewer day poor sleep, about 80% victim would have some Illusions and hallucinations; the symptoms would be worse if the poor sleep is more than 100 hours.” 



1. Sleeping direction

The sleeping direction is talking about the head and foot direction when you sleep.

“Don’t put your bed in the north.” “Don’t let your head sleep in the north” The ancient health preservation experts basically agree on this point. It is believed that the North is the winter and the cold. It is afraid that the cold in the north will directly hurt our health.


2. Sleeping time

Sleep late and get up early during the spring and summer(sleep 5-7 hours every day), sleep and get up early during the fall(sleep 7-8 hours every day), sleep late and get up late in the winter(sleep 8-9 hours every day). normally, people sleep shorter on a sunny day and sleep longer on a bad day.

Research discovers that the organ’s power would decrease to the lowest at the midnight 0-4 o’clock, and the people’s nerve is tired during the noon 12 -1 o’clock, so the sleep’s quality and efficiency are better.

3. Sleeping posture

Since the human’s heart is on the left, so sleep at the right could decrease the pressure of your heart to empty the stomach. For women, sleep aside and lie supine is better than lie prostrate. Lie prostrate influences our skin through the blood circulation so that increased the wrinkle. Lie supine is bad for the pelvic circulation of women, causing some empathy easily. Suggesting the pregnant woman sleep on the left side, especially for the woman is in the middle of the third trimester.

Because we have one-third time of the day is spent on the bed, in order to protect our spine, choose a suitable mattress is responsible for our health.


4.Sleeping environment

The bedroom should not be too big, and the area should less than 20 square meters. The bedroom’s light should be dark, and keep quiet, do not turn on the light to sleep as far as possible. The bedroom should not put too much electrical equipment to make sure your brain in rest which won’t be disturbed by the radiate or electromagnetic. In addition, do not wear a necklace, bracelet, ring, watch, false teeth, mobile phone and other items to sleep.  

AS for the people that often stay up and get up early in the morning is a very different thing to do, their body didn’t get enough rest, so the rate of getting diabetes and nerve sickness would increase, so everyone should sleep early, don’t stay up late.  

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