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The wood bed base

The wood bed base


When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, people usually pay attention to the mattress itself. But they did not realize that the bed base is equally important to the quality of sleep. The bed base is the foundation on which the mattress is located. An inappropriate base can make you squeak when you sleep at night and when you do any exercise in bed. Whether it is a family or a hotel, a high-quality bed base is required, which is not only free of any potential noise pollution, but also strong enough to support the weight of the mattress.

When choosing a comfortable bed base with a solid foundation, the wooden bed base is most often chosen because of its durability, comfort and beauty.


As we all know, because the wood is thicker, the wooden bed base will show greater sturdiness. Wooden furniture is solid and durable. The lifespan of general panel furniture is 3 or 4 years, while the service life of solid wood furniture is at least 6 times that of panel furniture. JLH wood bed base uses imported pine wood as the central support bar of the bed base. It has strong practicability, low maintenance cost, and provides additional support. In addition, the slatted form of the row frame is more ergonomic, providing extra comfort for the frame.


When choosing a brand new bed, comfort is arguably the most important aspect. There is nothing more comfortable than resting in bed after a hard day of work or play. However, when any noise from your bed affects the comfort and leads to poor sleep at night. A bed that squeaks and interferes with your rest can be a nightmare, and wooden bed frames are the first choice for soundproof sleep.


The bed is the core of the room. In order for a room to look good, your bed frame must look good. Therefore, you want something that embodies elegance and beauty to attract the attention of anyone who sees him. The wooden bed base has a variety of shapes and designs to choose from, coupled with a comfortable shape, gives people a high end feeling.

Make a choice

The right bed frame can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Just like proper diet and exercise, healthy sleep is equally important. Natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy, wooden furniture reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. It is natural and free of chemical pollution. This is really a healthy and fashionable choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanites to advocating nature. In Jinlongheng, you can get high-quality and practical wooden bed bases.


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