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What is the difference between an independent pocket spring and whole net spring mattress?

What is the difference between an independent pocket spring and whole net spring mattress?


Nowadays, spring mattresses are more and more popular with everyone, but have you ever thought about the difference between independent pocket springs and whole net spring mattresses? However, many people do not know this information at all when buying spring mattresses. Today, JLH will explain to you the difference between an independent pocket spring and a whole net spring, and lead you to find a spring mattress that suits your own type.

What is a whole net spring mattress?

Generally, traditional spring mattresses use the whole net type, mainly because of their low cost and mature spring production technology. They are composed of a series of interconnected springs, which can provide a certain degree of support and use some fillers to improve comfort.

What is an independent pocket spring mattress?

An independent pocket spring mattress consists of hundreds of individual springs, each of which is contained in its own pocket. Unlike the whole net, the pocket springs move independently, which helps the mattress to follow and support the contours of the body. If you and your partner are different in size and weight, this can help ensure that you enjoy the same support on the same mattress.

How many pocket springs should I choose?

You may not know that mattresses with more springs are more responsive and comfortable. But the price of this type of mattress is naturally rising, so we need to strike a balance between comfort and budget when buying.

Generally, the springs of a king size bed are usually between 800 and 3000. Although some manufacturers produce as many as 6000 springs, once the number of springs exceeds 1500 or higher, it is often necessary to make smaller springs and Layered to achieve, so most of the 3000 spring mattresses are composed of two layers of 1500 spring layers.

And different thicknesses and different spring heights will also affect the feel and cost of the mattress, but everyone should remember that the spring is only a part of the comfort of the mattress, and the material used for filling is also very important.

What is the difference between independent pocket spring and whole net spring mattress padding?

Usually the mattress is composed of different filling layers, and different fillings can make the overall feeling, performance and price have a big difference. Usually the whole net spring mattress uses a mixed fiber pad, and there are many kinds of padding for independent springs, such as memory foam or latex layer.

Generally polyester is usually used as a filler because of its low cost and elasticity. It can be combined with wool and cotton to increase comfort and functionality. Usually the ratio of wool and cotton is higher, which helps keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter.

In addition, due to the small number of whole net springs, each spring has a relatively large bearing capacity, so it has a shorter service life than independent pocket springs. Everyone should also consider this factor when choosing.

The above is the difference between the independent pocket spring and the whole net spring mattress. For more knowledge about the mattress, you can leave a message to us below, or you can enter the product center to see more information about spring mattresses, if you want a mattress to use, you can also contact us.


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