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What is the hidden danger of bedding?

What is the hidden danger of bedding?


Usually, when we have skin itching, allergies, and acne, we may first think about whether it is caused by food, clothes or toiletries, but ignore the bedding.


Many people change their clothes every day, but they rarely clean their bedding. People spend about 1/3 of their time in sleep, but hidden health hazards may also occur if bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillows are used for a long time.

When you sleep every night, the human body will sweat about 200ml. In addition, the body's metabolism will appear shed dander. Autumn is dry, the skin lacks water, the amount of dander is larger, and it is easier to fall off.Not only that, but there will still be grease, saliva, dust and urine on the bedding.

If it is not cleaned in time, bacteria, dust, residues will accumulate, and endangering health.And with the breathing during sleep, microorganisms, bacteria, fungi on the sheets may also enter the body, prone to respiratory infections, and it is also detrimental to the health of the lungs.


How often do I clean the bedding?

Bed sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover should wash once a week.

According to reports, sheets that have not been washed for 10 days may have 5.5 kilograms of sweat left on them. Such sheets are a paradise for mites and bacteria.

Pillowcase are easily stained with dander, dust mites, bacteria, oil and dirt.

If there is discomfort such as skin allergies on the face, it is recommended to change and wash every two or three days.

Pillow should wash every 3 months.

Saliva, sweat, dander, and oil on the head during sleep can easily penetrate into the pillow core. The longer the pillow is used, the greater the possibility of streptococcus breeding.

If the pillow core material is not easy to clean, it is best to expose it to the sun once a week; after 1 year of use, it is recommended to replace the pillow core.

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