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What mattress is more suitable for children to sleep?

What mattress is more suitable for children to sleep?


A special data show that children aged 3 to 16 years old must develop a normal spine and need the correct mattress for guidance. The wrong choice of mattress must affect the growth of the child.

1. The harder the better, it is not scientific.

We still have many parents who think that their children must sleep on a hard mattress, the harder the better. In other words, if you buy a mattress and go back, adults will feel very hard and uncomfortable when they sleep. Can children still feel comfortable?

The hardness of the children's mattress should be moderate, not too soft or too hard. A child's bed that is too hard will cause uneven stress on the child, and will easily burden the child's muscles and spine and make it difficult to sleep. Children are in a period of development. Too soft children's mattresses have a great impact on the children's bone development, resulting in spinal deformation.

Since children’s bone growth and development during the growth and development period have not been completely shaped, parents should try their best to choose a hard mattress with a little elasticity when choosing a mattress for the child, which can keep the child’s sleeping posture correct and prevent the spine.

2.choose a detachable mattressThe fabric is removable and washable. 

It is inevitable for children to wet the bed and soil the mattress. The removable and washable fabric fundamentally solves the trouble of cleaning.

It is more environmentally friendly, because the filling layers are connected by a non-slip cloth cover, and no glue is sprayed, and the environmental protection is guaranteed.

3. Mattress fabric

The mattress fabric should be porous and breathable, such as knitted fabrics, cashmere fabrics, linen fabrics, etc. The high-end air layer knitted fabric is warm and soft to the touch, comfortable, skin-friendly and breathable, creating a healthy and clean sleeping environment for children.

4. Mattress size

The choice of mattress size is also very important, because children are in the stage of growth and development, so they will inevitably have large movements when they sleep. Parents should also pay attention to this when choosing children's mattresses and buy a bed that is suitable for children. So as to prevent the child from falling out of bed.

children's mattress manufacturer

What need to consider when choosing mattress for children:

  • durability

  • toxicity

  • breathability

  • sustainability

  • odor control

For children who overheat while sleeping, choosing a mattress that contains breathable materials, such as cotton and wool, might be a good option. Some mattresses contain gel, which provides a cooling quality.

Some mattresses are water repellant, which may be ideal for toddlers who wet the bed. However, it might still be a good idea to use a waterproof mattress protector, as well. Many mattresses have odor-control properties.

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