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What To Look For In a Tufted Mattress

What To Look For In a Tufted Mattress


After a long day, everyone is usually excited about rounding up on a mattress. Mattresses are rectangular shaped flat structures that provide relaxation and support to a rested body. They are classified into different types depending on the materials they contain(air, water, foam, hair, cotton etc.) and the method through which they are made. Some classification of mattresses include All Polyfam, Memory foam, Coil, Innerspring, Somni gel, Latex, Adjustable, Airbeds, Natural fiber, Futon, Pillow top, Hybrid, Innerspring latex, Polyfoam latex, Waterbeds, Innerspring memory foam hybrids.

Regardless of the items or process by which mattresses are made, the most vital factor is that they provide optimum comfort. One of the best mattresses that can be trusted to do so are the hand tufted mattresses.


Tufting is a method of textile weaving that ensures the quilt which is the uppermost sheet of the mattresses is well attached to the layers underneath using loops of strings or yarn. This process is necessary to prevent these underneath layers from shifting, even when we move around, snuggle, change positions, wriggle or cuddle, thereby preventing discomfort to the rested body. It also creates a kind of uphill and downhill pattern on the quilt called tufts’ and ensures the mattress serves longer and better. It is even said to sooth points of pressure on the rested body. There are obviously old methods of tufting but in present times, sewing has proven to be an improved method of tufting.

Tufting also comes in different styles depending on the method by which the textile was woven:

Diamond Button Tufting: This style is the oldest and most popular style of tufting that gives a common diamond shape. The diamond shape created is its unique signature style, regardless of if it’s made with linen, silk, satin, leather fabrics.

Biscuit Button Tufting: This style shares some similarities with the Diamond Button Tufting but unlike the former, this style creates square shapes, resulting in shapes that look like large biscuits. Hence, the name Biscuit Button Tufting. For this style, buttons must be placed carefully in a consistent line to achieve the desired result.

Single-Line Button Tufting: With the single-line button tufting, the focus is on the buttons. This style requires the use of less buttons and less effort. The buttons are patterned in a line with consistent shallow depressions between, above and below.

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Button-Less Tufting: This style is also called Blind tufting. As the name implies, it does not require the use of actual buttons. This style can come in handy when there is an unavailability of buttons with preferred designs or no desire to use buttons at all. Rather than use buttons, the thread or twine can be pulled back and bundled in to give the shape of a button. It usually provides a very smooth end result.

The process of tufting has been long down since the 18th century and improved upon over the years. Through the aid on Industrialization, the first tufting machine was created. However, tufting by hand is mostly used for the advantages it possesses over machine tufting. Unlike in most situations when machines seem to do a better job in creating results, tufts made by professional hands actually look better and give better utility.

Some of the qualities that make a hand tufted mattress better than a machine tufted mattress include the following:

Details: Tufted mattresses are done with great and careful attention paid to details. This cannot be said of mattresses tufted by machines.

Patterns: Hand tufting pays greater attention to details which in turn ensures the

patterns are better shaped when created.

Design: The end design produced by hand tufting would appear more pleasant and appealing to the eyes because of the careful attention being made to details.

Firmness: Mattresses created through hand tufting will hold the layers underneath to the quilt more firmly and closely.

Length of use: When a mattress is hand tufted, there is a greater guarantee that it lasts longer as the layers are more firmly attached to the quilt thereby

preventing them from moving and shifting position or sagging and changing shape. 

Greater Comfort: All the above mentioned will consequently lead to greater comfort; better and stress relieving sleep.

Better posture: When a better sleep is achieved on a firm and comfortable bed, a better sleeping and overall posture is maintained.

Higher value for money: Hand tuft mattress ensures there is a higher value for one’s investment by providing the above listed.


To identify a good hand tufted mattress, one must be careful to look out for the following:

Mattress should be made of high quality materials. This would ensure it serves you better and for a longer period of time. It would also ensure your comfort and protection while being used.

Mattresses made with pocket spring coils provide better comfort as they prevent movement from end of the mattress from affecting its entire shape.

It is important to ensure that the materials used were compressed together before tufting was done. This ensures a greater guarantee of comfort because it helps to prevent the different materials from shifting and the mattress from losing shape.

Opt for mattresses that satisfy your peculiar needs such as health, body size, sleep habit, body shape and general outlook at life.

High quality mattresses must possess enough thickness to provide the necessary comfort to the body. High quality mattresses must also have the ability to relieve pressure and stress in the body. They must also have the ability to maintain their cool temperature despite the prevailing room temperature.

A good hand tufted mattress will not create the impression on one being stuck in its layers. A good tufted mattress must have its turfs patterned in almost accurate consistency to create the required design. Tufted mattresses made with box springs of good quality are more preferable as it would ensure the structure of the mattress is maintained and the shape is retained. Another very necessary quality of a good hand tuft mattress is the level of attention paid to the patterns when being tufted.


Regardless of the amount of person expected to share the bed; as an individual or a

couple, the above listed points make a trusted guide to see to it that the best choice of hand tufted mattress is made, the highest level of comfort achieved and best profits in the event of a purchase being made.

So go for that hand tufted mattress today; not just any kind but one with the best

qualities to offer.

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