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What Types Of Mattresses Work Best With Adjustable Beds

What Types Of Mattresses Work Best With Adjustable Beds


Adjustable beds are used by a growing number of people with health concerns of different types. These concerns often cause them to have to be in bed for significant periods of time, and therefore they need beds which are flexible to allow them to change position while remaining comfortable. Adjustable beds provide the user with control over their position using buttons on the bed to allow them to change the position of the bed for maximum comfort.

The primary challenge with adjustable beds is finding the right mattress to suit, as it is not possible to use just any old mattress. To make full use of an adjustable bed, you need to use a specialized adjustable bed mattress.

An mattress is one which has been specifically designed to work seamlessly with an adjustable bed. The mattress is secured to the base of the bed to ensure that it can shape to whatever position the user chooses. It can be set to lying down, sitting up, and allows the user to elevate both the head and the foot of the bed. It provides support to enable the user to sit up, and even to get out of bed with minimal effort and pain. This can give significant relief to someone which chronic back or joint pain.

When making an adjustable bed mattress, manufacturers have to consider several elements. First, the bed has to be able to elevate the head and foot sections. This means that the mattress has to be able to bend and flex appropriately to allow the user to find a comfortable position. It also has to be strong enough to provide support and to maintain its structure when in various positions. When considering an adjustable bed, the first thing to think about is what material the mattress should be made of.

There are four materials that are usually used for the adjustable bed mattress, these are memory foam, latex, air bed and pocket spring. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular and offer the user a great deal of comfort and flexibility. They shape themselves readily to the shape of the bed and the sleeper and are fantastic at relieving pain and pressure. The flexibility of the mattress means that the user maintains a maximum level of comfort regardless of the position that the sleeper selects. A memory foam mattress is an ideal choice for those requiring maximum comfort and flexibility.

Latex foam

With a more buoyant feel, latex is also an excellent option for those in pain. Latex mattresses are incredibly adaptable and provide great flexibility to the sleeper especially if the mattress is thin. There are two types of latex that are used for mattresses: synthetic and natural. Synthetic latex has less bounce than natural latex and can often feel to the sleeper a lot more like memory foam. Latex does not conform to the shape of the sleeper to the same degree and some people find it a little less comfortable but this is often just a matter of personal taste.

Air Bed

Airbeds are beds that inflate and have adjustable pressure systems. These are commonly topped by padding and foam. While they can be used as an adjustable bed mattress, they are not as flexible or comfortable as either a latex or a memory foam mattress. They often have issues with air flow when moved into some positions.

Pocket Springs

A pocket spring mattress is more of a traditional style mattress where it is metal coils which are already compressed so that they do not bend out of shape when they change position. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, these have each spring in its own little pocket allowing it to provide greater support to the user. They also have a distinct advantage of being breathable, but generally, they aren’t as comfortable as memory foam mattresses.

As you can see, there are lots of options in terms of the material that your adjustable bed mattress can be made of, but it doesn’t stop there. You also need to consider the thickness of the mattress as if the mattress is too thick, it can impede the functioning of the adjustable bed. If it too thin, then it doesn’t provide enough support and comfort to help the sleeper. A memory foam mattress works better when it is a little thicker so ideally, it should be between eight and fourteen inches thick/ With the three other types of mattress it is better if they are slightly thinner for flexibility between six and twelve inches. It is essential that you try to test these out, if that is possible, to find the thickness and material that you feel most comfortable with.

You will also find that some manufacturers provide different ratings of mattress based on the needs of the user. A lot of this depends on the way you sleep and the level of support that you need. For example, if you tend to sleep on your side, it might be a good idea to go for a medium mattress as it provides more cushioning while if you sleep on your front or back it is often better to go with a more firm mattress for support.

As well as the thickness, the size of the bed itself is also a consideration. As adjustable beds are now available in a range of sizes, there are a range of mattress sizes available too from small single bed size, right up to regular double bed size. So make sure that you check the size of your adjustable bed before ordering the appropriate mattress.

The final consideration that you have to make is the additional toppers or protectors that you would like to use. A mattress topper is a cushioned layer that goes over the top of your mattress to provide extra cushioning and comfort to those that need it. You can also get a temperature controlling cover that lets the user maintain a cool temperature throughout the night and have a more restful sleep. Protectors can also be used to protect the mattress and increase its overall life span. These are usually waterproof and protect the mattress from possible accidents or spills.

So, if you have or are getting an adjustable bed mattress, there are a number of elements to consider. The most important thing is to make sure that the mattress suits your specific needs and provides you with the level of support and comfort that you require to be comfortable and pain-free.

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