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Which Mattress Is Best for children?

Which Mattress Is Best for children?


Mattresses are divided into hard and soft mattress. The hard mattress could cause pressure on the children body, resulting in an increase in the number of turns and inadequate rest. However, if you sleep on a mattress that is too soft for a long time, it is harmful to the development of your child's spine.

Today, I will focus on the selection method of children's mattresses.

Buying a mattress for a child must meet two requirements:

1. Beneficial to the development of children's bones, and make the child sleep comfortably.

2. A moderate hardness mattress is beneficial to children's sleeping posture, prevents the skeletal spine from bending

Children's mattress is not smaller than adult mattress.

For example, the springs used by adults are designed for the body weight of adults. Children are young, and light in weight, and their spine are still developing. They don’t have enough weight to press the springs. In addition, the mattress fabrics and fillers are different from adults.

Therefore, children's mattresses are not smaller adult mattresses. It is specially designed for the characteristics of the bones and spine changes during the growth of children.

How to choose a children's mattress?

Pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. Look at the fabric.

The first thing to choose the fabric of the mattress. Because the children’s resistance is poor,and easy to cause allergies. Therefore, when choosing children’s mattresses, try to choose organic cotton fabrics and other eco-friendly fabrics, and beneficial to children sleep.

Children's body temperature is slightly higher than adults, and they are prone to sweating. It is better to choose knitted fabrics with excellent air permeability. It can give children a dry and clear comfortable experience and ensure children's quality sleep.

2. Spring.

It is recommended to choose the pocket spring mattress.The independent coil system offers firm, durable support from hundreds of independent coils to minimize motion transfer from a sleeping partner, while maintaining customized spinal alignment.

3. The filling material of the mattress.

The best selling children mattress on the market, which material generally include the spring, palm and latex. Palm material have the two characteristics: moderate hardness and moderate elasticity. Natural latex has lots of outstanding characteristics: anti-mite, anti-bacterial to prevent allergies, better ventilation and so on.

Parents must consider their children’s sleeping habits when purchasing mattresses for children. They like to roll around in bed when they are sleeping. Therefore, when purchasing a children’s mattress, try to choose a slightly larger mattress.

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