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Why do you have to buy a ridge protective mattress?

Why do you have to buy a ridge protective mattress?


The vertebrae of the human spine are linked by tendons and cartilage. As the pressure on each vertebra gradually increases from top to bottom, the vertebrae gradually become thicker from top to bottom, and the weight and pressure are also great. The spine is the high speed of the human body. The road must maintain a reasonable curvature to keep the blood flowing

The human body itself is a curved shape, not a single plane. Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard will cause different spinal problems.

Back health problems have become an urgent concern in modern society. Symptoms such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, etc., are mainly caused by excessive load on the spine or incorrect posture for a long time.

Ensuring good sleep quality requires a mattress with ideal support conditions. In order to keep the human spine unloaded and in a state of natural curvature, mattress design is critical.

Let's talk about the soft mattress first:

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I have to say that the soft mattress is really comfortable to lie on, and the wrapping is very good, but as mentioned above, the waist and buttocks of the human body are heavy, and the sleeping soft mattress will sag in the middle;

In this way, we and the spine cannot get a good support, and the natural physiological curvature cannot be maintained, and the muscles cannot be well relaxed. Back pain and other things are common things. In the long run, it may cause the spine to bend too much.

As for the firm mattress:

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Sleeping on a hard mattress is mainly because the body pressure distribution area is too small, and the support force is unevenly distributed. Only the head, shoulders, hips, feet and other parts are under concentrated pressure, causing local compression and discomfort, while the waist is usually suspended, which cannot be better. support;

It can only be supported by the muscles of the lower back itself, which not only cannot protect the spine, but also cannot relax the muscles of the back very well, causing muscle tension, fatigue and soreness.

Therefore, a good mattress should be differentiated between soft and hard, reasonable support for different positions, can protect the spine, and keep the cervical spine, spine, and coccyx in an unloaded and naturally curved state, maintaining Balance the body, so as to ensure the health of the spine.

The biggest feeling of JLH mattress has two points: both soft and hard, high resilience and high support.

It can be said that it has both the high support force of a hard mattress and the comfortable wrapping rebound of a soft mattress. When you lie down, you can obviously feel that the body pressure is evenly distributed and the body is relaxed in all directions.

The specific performance is that the shoulder blades are soft and slightly sunken, the waist is hard to support and support, the hips are soft and slightly sunken, the legs are normal, the body curve and the mattress are perfectly fitted, whether you sleep on your side or lie down, you can feel the body is lying down into a straight line.

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Because of different body types, the support requirements for adaptation are also different. JLH mattresses are specially customized for human body characteristics and sleeping habits.

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