4 Reasons Why a Futon May Be a Good Option for You

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-11
With students going back to College now is the time to be thinking about furnishing that dorm room or apartment. When I was in college my dorm room was not very spacious so furniture needed to be functional and not take up a lot of room. A futon is a great option for dorm rooms, apartments, or any room that you want the option of being able to sleep someone without having a bed. A lot of our customers use futon sofa beds in a spare bedroom or office. Futons made their debut in America in the early 1970's. This may be due to an increase in Eastern culture (futons were invented in Japan) or because they are an inexpensive option to furnish a home. The market is still strong among apartment dwellers trying to save space, college students, and even first-time home buyers. But a futon can also provide a great option for lodging visitors, making it an ideal addition to a spare bedroom or den. Futons can also be termed futon sofas or futon sofa beds because of their ability to be a sofa in the day and a bed at night. Why is a futon a good option? Style - Futon sofas come in styles to match any room. You can get a metal futon frame or a wood futon frame. Both are good options, but in our own business we sell more of the wooden frames. On the futon mattress you can also buy customized covers to match any d?�cor. Most covers are also machine washable making cleaning a breeze. Comfort - Whereas, a traditional sofa sleeper has one of those thin foldable mattresses you can get any thickness of futon mattress that you desire. Don't skimp on the futon mattress. My husband had a futon all throughout high school and was able to sleep on it every night because he had a thicker mattress. Versatility - A futon can switch from a sofa during the day to a bed at night. Price - Futons are also very reasonable in regard to the price. A traditional sofa sleeper can range anywhere from $750 - $1500, but a you can get a futon sofa bed for as little as $300 - a big difference. Whether you are needing to furnish a dorm room, apartment, spare bedroom, office or kid's room a futon can be a great economical addition to your home.
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