6 Perfect Excuses to Stay in Bed

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-27
It has happened to all of us, the morning comes and we're faced with the reality of leaving our beautiful bed behind. The pillow we have become so attached to overnight is bracing itself for a goodbye. It's a painful experience that can haunt us forever. However, stay in bed and we feel guilty for not seizing the day. Well, what if there were perfectly good reasons to stay in bed? Read on to rest your conscience when you're spending some extra 'quality time' with your comfy friend. Sleep is healthy It's true. A lack of sleep can affect your ability to focus and can reduce your productivity. It can also limit your body's ability to repair itself. So next time you feel you should get up, don't, and be safe in the knowledge that you're healing your body. You'll reduce stress Stress is the one of the main causes of illness and disease. Being over-stressed can literally kill us. What better way to reduce stress than by spending a few extra hours relaxing in bed? You'll be prolonging your life if you do. Make a few calls There's nothing stopping you from getting stuff done from your bed. If you have bills to pay or have to have that dreaded weekly chat with your mother-in-law, then why not get this done with your phone in your hand and your head still resting comfortable on that pillow. You'll save money Staying in bed can be like a savings account. There's no need to worry about the prospect of getting up and then needlessly spending your hard earned cash out of boredom. Many people buy unnecessarily because they have nothing better to do with their time than shop. Stay in bed and watch the paper pile up. You can educate yourself We could all benefit from learning new things. So next time you're out and about why don't you buy an educational book on a subject that you take interest in. Then, when it comes to getting up in the morning, you'll have a perfect excuse to stay in bed and be bettering yourself and your brain in the process. You'll be saving the environment We all need to be more aware of our carbon dioxide emissions. Well, there really can't be a better way to reduce your carbon footprint than refusing to step out of bed. You won't be switching on electrical appliances, driving your car, or doing anything else that can harm the environment. If we all stayed in bed we'd be carbon neutral in no time at all.
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