After the mattress is laid, do I need to add a 'mattress'? The answer is said, only to know that many people are wrong

by:JLH Mattress     2023-02-28

After the reform and opening up, people's life has become better and better. From the initial pursuit of food and clothing to the current pursuit of quality of life, this is indeed a big change. For modern people, it is very important to have a good sleeping environment. One important thing, after all, although life is better now, people's pressure is indeed increasing, and many people will experience some insomnia and poor sleep, which also has a great impact on our health. So if you want to sleep well, hardware conditions must be indispensable. A soft and comfortable bed can give you a better sleep experience.

In order to make themselves sleep more comfortable, many people will prepare a soft mattress for themselves. Now people are really not able to adapt to hard beds, so mattresses have almost become standard in people's homes. In the past, we In fact, the bed is filled with 'mattress', which is actually a layer of cotton wool, so many people will be very confused, after having a mattress, do you still need a mattress? Today, I will answer this question. After the mattress is laid, should I add a layer of 'mattress'? The answer is said, only to know that many people are wrong!

First of all, let's understand what a mattress is. In fact, it is a layer of quilt on the bed. When the mattress does not appear, it is actually okay to call it a mattress, so many people feel that they have a mattress. After that, this kind of simple mattress, that is, the mattress, is no longer needed. In fact, this is not the case. Although the mattress is indeed very comfortable and can also replace the mattress, the existence of the mattress is still necessary. Yes, but it does not play the role of a mattress, but another role. Many people are actually doing it wrong on this point.

Why do we put a mattress on top of a mattress? This is because the mattress actually has this protective effect on the mattress. When we sleep, we actually sleep directly on the mattress. Even if it is isolated by a bed sheet, it does not play a big role. Some sweat produced by the human body is still It will penetrate into the mattress, so even if the air permeability of the mattress is good, it cannot stop the long-term penetration, so that the mattress will breed bacteria, and it will become dirty and smelly, so put a layer on it. Mattresses are a good choice. On the one hand, it can protect the mattress and keep the mattress from getting dirty. On the other hand, it is also very good for our health. If the mattress is in a relatively dirty state, it will definitely breed mites, which is good for our health. It will also cause a certain impact. I believe you don't want acne on your face and body, right?

To sum up, it is still necessary to lay a layer of mattress on the mattress, which is healthy and comfortable. Don't do it again!

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