All About Dorlux

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-23
Dorlux is a company that is well known within the wider consumer market as being a manufacturer of high quality bed products that have been developed over a continuous period from 1919 to the present day. The company based in Halifax in Yorkshire is proud of its roots and its heritage to the extent that it sources materials from the local area to the largest possible extent. All of the spring products that are used within their manufacturing process are made on their own premises. Dorlux mattresses have many varying forms of internal construction and have a growing product range that tries to deliver consumer choice within the bed market. High quality timber construct beds, beds that have a second pull out mattress and hypo-allergenic beds are all a part of their range. Flexiform By Dorlux Flexiform is the name given to a unique spring system that is used for some of the range of Dorlux mattresses, the system was designed by Swiss engineers and is exclusive to the company. These mattresses rely on numerous small springs, in fact twice as many as would be found in a standard mattress, the springs which are smaller and closer together operate on their own, thus providing a greater freedom of movement in the spring system and allowing for greater comfort as the mattress can adapt to the body more. Open Coil and Postureline Open coil refers to a fairly standard approach to the design and manufacture of bedding products, the system relies on rows of hourglass springs, the springs are linked by means of a small helical wire and thus move together when weight is applied. The springs get a heat treatment which ensures their strength, Dorlux applies two such treatments, once when the springs are manufactured and also when the spring assembly is completed. The Postureline range is another exclusive design to the company and utilises a spring system that is formed from one continuous length of wire, this means that the springs operate in a uniform way as one unit, the springs are aligned head to toe along the length of the mattress and this helps to negate some of the 'roll together' motion that can be an issue with some mattresses. The Postureline uses 3 times the number of springs of a standard mattress and provides great comfort and support for this reason. Easyrest Pocketed Spring System The Easyrest system utilises a barrel shaped pocket sprung design which is possibly more advanced than other similar pocket sprung ranges. This design allows for more movement within the spring which ensures that comfort is maintained but also assists the pressures on the spine. There is design and thought within the actual pockets of these mattresses also, with non absorbent materials being utilised, this aims to ensure that the mattress will last much longer without the associated moisture. Dorlux Mattresses have a growing range that aims to address the needs of the modern consumer within the bed industry and offers innovative solutions in this regard.
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