Caring for Your Bed

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-31
It is not a secret that proper care for your bed prolongs its life. Please, take your time and carefully read the manufacturer's instructions on how to take care for your bed. As soon as you bring your new bed into your home, take off all of the packaging material such as plastic. It will prevent your bed from forming the condensation and will save your bed from damp, mold and rot. Here are some tips: - The first few months every one to two weeks, and then every three months you will need to turn around the new spring mattress from one side to another, position it from the headboard to the side where your legs are and do the opposite. This will ensure proper distribution of the filler and will keep the mattress even. You do not need to turn around the foam mattresses. - Do not fold, bend and put under pressure spring mattresses. To adjust the mattress, always use the handles; make sure you do not keep your mattress in the air while holding your mattress by its handles. Otherwise you may damage the fabric upholstery. - To keep your mattress clean, simply use a removable cover that can be cleaned or washed. Vacuum regularly mattress and bed base to remove lint and dust, and clean any stains with only soap and water. - Do not allow anyone, including children, jump on the bed. Try not to sit on the same place all the time including the edge of the mattress. Remember your bed - it's not just an investment, an investment in the one-third part of your life, which can gratefully influence the other two-thirds of your life if taken for granted. If you will carefully choose your new bed and will take proper care of it, it will last you a long time. Most probably, you won't see new materials, new technologies or ideas in furniture when you buy it. You will just notice your sofa's upholstery looks good and its water and dirt resistant, your armchair is much more convenient and your back doesn't ache when you sit in it for hours or your lovely coffee table has no scratches even though you use it almost every day. That's the main aim of all designers and manufacturers - to create the furniture that will satisfy you with its look and functionality not just for several months, but for years.
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