Choosing a Single or King Size Mattress for Your Bedroom

by:JLH Mattress     2020-06-02
A very important factor you have to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom is your bed is the accessory that can make or break your design. If you're attempting to save cash on your bedroom renovation task, don't compromise your budget used on your bed. While a quality single mattress might cost you a lot of money, you have to keep in mind a quality bed with a superb bed mattress is an investment. It's going to help the design of your bedroom, and give you a great night's rest. Of course, you need to choose a bed that meets your design look. A bed with a glossy metal structure and blue-grey blankets is not going to look good in a forest-themed bedroom. Apart from design and color, there are some other considerations you should consider when selecting a bed. Space Just how much space do you have in your bedroom? Prior to switching your furnishings around or exchanging any of your items, look at how much space you have for both furniture and traffic lanes. Traffic lanes, or the bare spaces left in your bedroom for you to navigate around in, really should be no less than 24 inches wide. Clearing a path leading to your bathroom door is actually recommended. You don't wish to trip over anything or hit into your furniture on your evening trips to the toilet. Measurements There's two issues you should look into when selecting the appropriate size for your bed mattress. The first is the dimensions of your bed in connection with the space. A tiny mattress might look unpleasant in a large space, and a king size mattress tends to make smaller areas look small. Make sure to estimate your room and furniture proportions very carefully. The second is the total amount of area you may need when you're using the bed. If you are living by yourself and aren't at risk from tossing and turning, a twin or single mattress should do the job. If you live with your partner and you both roll around a lot when you sleep, you should get yourself a queen or king size mattress. Comfort and ease At the end of a long, tiring work day, the last thing you want to come home to is an annoying bed. Before you spend money on that single mattress that caught your eye in the furniture store, you should check it out first. A good number of mattress retailers will allow you to lie down on their sample merchandise to find out if they are comfy enough for you personally To test out a mattress' comfort levels, rest on your back with your hand on the small of your back, and then shake your hand around. If it's very easy to move your hand, the mattress is simply too hard. If your back is pushed too strongly against your hand that you can't move it at all, the mattress is simply too soft. If you're looking for a king size mattress for you and your spouse, drive them to the furniture store to do the comfort test together with you.
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