Compared with ordinary mattresses, functional mattresses are the trend

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-02

1. In 1881, in a small town outside Houston, Texas, a cotton tie machine craftsman named Daniel Haynes started the production of a tampon mattress;

2. In 1900, Mei. Simmons, pocket spring mattress;

3. At the beginning of the 20th century, Dunlop, rubber foam cushion;

4. In 1932, Italy, Mario Berrigi, used polyurethane foam for cushions;

5. During the Second World War, Germany, Louis Kolani, also designed an oval mattress, which was divided into soft, medium and hard according to the body pressure of different parts of the mattress lying on the mattress. part to keep the human skeleton in better condition.

6. There is also an 'active response spring system' in foreign countries, which changes the conventional spring structure, making people more comfortable, and the elasticity is lasting; some spring mattresses are also combined with polyester foam, and the hardness can be adjusted. It's your choice.

7. Functional mattresses marked by natural longevity properties quickly swept the world and became a substitute for mattresses in the new era.

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