Create bedding products that increase the happiness of Chinese people

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-21

Since 2021, Jlh Mattress Home Furnishing has continued to expand its research and development, exploring and applying new technologies in the field of mattresses and other bedding, creating more high-quality products for consumers to meet consumers’ high-quality deep sleep. Unremitting efforts to create bedding products that increase the happiness of Chinese people.

How hard is it to get a good night's sleep?

According to data from the World Sleep Association, 82.3% of Chinese people currently suffer from sleep disturbances. Among them, poor sleep and difficulty in entering deep sleep are the most disturbing factors for our sleep quality. The reasons include sleep environment, excessive mental stress, physical illness and many other factors. Sleep occupies one-third of human life, but more and more people are suffering from sleep disorders. In this situation, in addition to the pathological reasons, there are also factors in choosing the right bedding.

In order to develop bedding products that are more comfortable, more suitable for daily life, and maintain good health, we conduct market research and collect consumer feedback for millions of people every year, and provide Give our Ru0026D team to carry out Ru0026D and improvement. Our Ru0026D team has professionals with decades of experience and experts specially hired from Italy with huge sums of money. Spending huge sums of money as research and development funds is to change the new situation where bedding products are monopolized by foreign imports.

Our Jlh Mattress Home Furnishings, since 2010, has launched bedding products with the goal of 'creating bedding products that increase the happiness of the Chinese peopleProduct!

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