'Dare to be transparent, really suitable' is the last word to buy a mattress

by:JLH Mattress     2023-02-28

As a household product with simple craftsmanship, the mattress has no technological additions. The most important essence is its material and craftsmanship! The prices of many mattresses on the market vary greatly, and many brands cannot disclose the internal conditions of the mattress, making the material and price of the mattress transparent. The price is too high, the IQ tax is too low, and the price is too low, and it is a fake and inferior product, which makes consumers more or less worried about buying.

And as a product with a large size, a high price per customer, and a product that needs to be used for several years, if it is found that it is not suitable after buying it, it will become a big headache to return it.

Therefore, how to choose a quality mattress that is truly suitable for you is what consumers care about most. Taking the process of purchasing a Qizuo mattress and evaluating several brands recently as an example, I would like to share with you my experience in purchasing mattresses.

More money and less money, targeted to find the target

Be sure to budget for anything you buy so that you can sift through mattresses in a small area and eliminate the distraction of information. Everyone has different needs for purchasing products, some people care about quality, some people care about price, but most people tend to choose mattresses with high cost performance in the end. (Friendly reminder: Be careful with mattresses below 1000 or above 10000, don't buy them lightly. Because when you see the inside of the mattress thoroughly and clearly, you will understand.)

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