Full or Queen Size Mattress Beds for Complete Support

by:JLH Mattress     2020-05-12
There are many reasons to invest in a good bed and sometimes, it's not just about a good brand. There are many products that don't get a lot of marketing, but they can perform well in terms of consumer experience. Sometimes, it's all about the basic structure of certain bed types such as the full or the queen, which are both preferred for the complete support they provide. Comparing Essential Differences Both the full and the queen size mattress beds are top choices in terms of body support, but they also have essential differences. The surface area of a full bed is 4050 square inches, with a width of 54 inches and a length of 75 inches. A queen's surface area is 4800 square inches, its width, 60 inches and its length, 80 inches. With a full bed, the available room for a single person is around 27 inches wide, while with a queen, this space is slightly wider at 30 inches. Obviously, the queen is larger than the full bed. Complete Support of Full and Queen Beds Two things make a difference between a full bed and a queen providing or not providing enough support - the mattress and the frame. The mattress must be of good quality to protect the back of the person on it, and the frame must distribute stress evenly to prevent sagging. A mattress makes use of coil springs, foams and newer innovations such as a system that reduces motion transfer, or the amount of movement felt by one person on one side of the bed when the other person changes position. As for the frame, a full bed makes use of a rectangular wood or metal structure, while a queen bed must use a frame plus a center rail for maximum support. Unique Experience with the Full Bed and the Queen Because both the full bed and the queen provide significant width, they are great for adults looking for comfortable space as they sleep. But since the queen is wider by 6 inches, it is perfect for couples who have the luxury (in these busy modern times) to sleep together. The 6-inch length difference is also not to be taken for granted as it can mean sleeping with one's feet hanging off the bed. Basically, a full size mattress will be just perfect for someone who is less than 5'5' tall, while the queen size mattress is for taller folks. Full beds used to be very popular among married couples until the 1960's when the queen started to be the dominant choice. In any case, both the queen and the full bed are designed to provide maximum support. Of course, the quality of the mattress figures, too, because it is the direct point of contact between the bed and its user.
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