Have you ever experienced premature sleep aging? Hurry up and click to take a look

by:JLH Mattress     2022-01-17

Sleep is like avoiding a mirror. When you fail to sleep, it turns into a disease to rebound back to you, low work efficiency, weakened body resistance, decreased memory, etc...

Thinking about it more carefully is that most people have experienced premature sleep before they know it, and the length and quality of sleep have aged, that is, sleep at night decreases, sleepiness during the day, and sleeplessness at night. This is a bad habit of premature sleep aging.

Three kinds of people who are easily found by premature aging

1. People who don’t exercise regularly, except for working days, even on sunny Sundays, some people would rather stay at home. Enjoy the fun of night owls, and don't want to go hiking or outings.

2. People who are easily emotional, when encountering things beyond the controllable range, these people are easy to worry and tense, causing anxiety and unable to sleep.

3. People who urinate at night and snor. When it is difficult to fall asleep again, it is often necessary to get up frequently in the middle of the night, and there is no way to guarantee a deep sleep throughout the night.

Test whether your sleep quality is up to the standard

Go to sleep within 30 minutes

If you can’t fall asleep before going to bed, it may be your body Not ready for sleep, calm down without mental activities. Activities such as playing games and playing mobile phones are more irritating and will affect sleep. You can consider delaying the time to fall asleep, doing some stretching exercises, and wait until the sleepiness gets thicker. , Turn off the lights and go to bed immediately.

I can fall asleep again within 20 minutes after waking up

It is a good time to fall asleep again within ten minutes after waking up. At this time, the physical skills have not fully recovered. , If after this point in time, it will be more difficult to fall asleep again.

I fall asleep 85% of the time in bed.

Okay, the above is the content related to sleep quality brought by the editor. If you need to consult with mattress information, you can click on our official website https://www.jlhmattress.com/ to learn more, and see you in the next issue.

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