Hotel mattress manufacturers teach you 4 ways to choose a good mattress

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-26
Choosing the right mattress is not enough, hotel mattress manufacturers teach you these 4 methods to choose a good mattress. 1. Smell the liner for any irritating smell Open the zipper to check the liner of the mattress, and smell to see if the odor of the liner is pungent. 2. Is it comfortable to touch the mattress? When you touch the mattress, you should pay attention to the following points: the thread on the fabric should be tight and consistent, without wrinkles, jumpers, etc., and the edges of the mattress should be well-proportioned and not exposed Phenomenon The mattress is heavy, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels very comfortable. 3. See if there are Chinese environmental signs. We will consider the environmental protection of decoration materials or furniture when decorating, but few people pay attention to the environmental protection of mattresses. If the mattress is not environmentally friendly enough, the direct threat is to its own safety. The direct inspection method is to ask for the 'China Environmental Labeling Certificate'. 4. Lie down and feel whether it fits the body. Now many businesses recommend to experience the mattress in person, then lie down and sleep for ten minutes. If this mattress has good resilience and fits the body curve enough, then there is nothing wrong! It would be even better if the mattress was doubled so that one person would not feel the vibration of the mattress when the other person rolls over. In addition, there is no mattress with 0 formaldehyde content, and any furniture material contains formaldehyde more or less. But as long as the formaldehyde content of the mattress meets the standard and is far below the national standard, it is a good mattress.
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