Hotel Mattress Standard - Mattresses with Wool Fabrics

by:JLH Mattress     2022-05-27
Of all natural materials, down is the best thermal insulation material in the world, and it has the highest bulkiness. If the mattress is not warm enough, you may have to wrap yourself into a zongzi. The quilt can only block the cold on three sides, and one side rests on the mattress. Down mattresses, which we have sold before, are extremely soft and can turn your regular mattress into a Simmons in seconds. But it has a fatal flaw, it is not strong enough. I saw a girl complaining about her mattress on Zhihu: Only when someone shakes the mattress for you every day can it become the best mattress. Therefore, although down is good, it is actually not suitable for use as a cushion. It can be said that it has the two characteristics of fluffy, soft and elastic support. It is skin-friendly and warm, and it is not easy to collapse. If the warm down is ranked first among natural materials, wool can be ranked second. Today I want to talk about why most mattresses in five-star hotels are wool on one side. One side is made of wool, which is very warm in winter, and the other side is made of pure cotton, which is suitable for summer use. In addition to its world-renowned Beauty-Rest spring technology, what Simmons does not know is that its mattress covers are all natural materials and hand-sewn. Another British top mattress brand that everyone is not familiar with, VI-Spring, is made of platinum certified British wool and pure Shetland wool. Top mattress brands love wool so much because it's nature's most hygroscopic fiber. Therefore, it can absorb 30% of its own weight without feeling damp, and it can be quickly discharged into the air through the flow of air. Its surface layer is still non-absorbent, and water will enter the gaps and holes between the fibrils inside the fiber. This humidity is just in line with the usual 15-20% moisture content of the outermost stratum corneum of human skin. In its natural state, the moisture regain of wool is 16%. Especially in winter, it can keep the skin soft and not dry and chapped. In the cold and wet environment, it is both hygroscopic and warm, which is the standard in winter in the free shipping area. Also, wool itself is a poor conductor of heat. In summer, people sweat a lot, and the moisture in the wool evaporates quickly, which will take away heat, and the temperature of the mattress itself will decrease, but it will feel cool. These biological characteristics of wool have made it 'open and hanging' in the mattress industry: moisture absorption and moisture resistance, warm in winter and cool in summer, bringing people an excellent sleeping experience. After driving more than 100 kilometers from Baotou, I came to the home of a Mongolian herdsman in the wilderness of the Wula Mountains. Remember that we went to Inner Mongolia in the first half of the year to grow wool? 1. Selected high-quality fine wool from Inner Mongolia Many high-quality fine wools are used to make high-grade wool quilts, which are more comfortable, warm, soft and breathable when used on the mat. The average fineness of this wool is more than 60, the diameter is less than 24um, it is soft and slender, has good bending elasticity, and has a soft luster, which can be comparable to cashmere. It is a thin layer of fine fluff that grows close to the skin in order to survive the winter, and it will fall off when the spring turns warm. The fine wool used to make mattresses is not the same as ordinary wool. This kind of local sheep mainly provides us with mutton, so the growing environment is very good, no pollution, and the sheep basically do not get sick, so the quality of wool is very good. The treated wool, without any chemicals, is clean and hygienic, has no odor, and can be used with confidence. The production process of fine wool is complicated. It needs to be washed at medium temperature and high temperature. In order to obtain the fine fluff, it needs to be extracted and separated 33 times, boiled at high temperature for 6 hours, and finally dried. Wool mercerizing is the use of protease treatment technology to strip off the scales on the surface of the wool. The treated wool is cleaner, silkier and lustrous, and can be washed and machine washed. And this batch of wool has been mercerized. 2. Simple to take care of, washable, not easy to grow mites, wool is highly hygroscopic, not easy to generate static electricity, dust and dirt are not easy to adhere, and then the water vapor is absorbed into its own cells before the water vapor is released to the outside, and the surface of the fiber is dry, reducing the the life cycle of mites. If it is a slight stain, you can gently wipe it with a towel dipped in wool dry cleaner, and then wipe it with water to dry. This wool mattress is fully mercerized and can be washed or exposed to the sun. The thick mattress cannot be disassembled and washed, and it is not easy to clean, especially if the water vapor penetrates into it, it is easy to cause mildew. What's more, this cushion can be used as a mattress protector as a thin layer over your original mattress. A fleece cover can add a lot to the life of your mattress and your sleeping experience. 3. The high content of wool filling The reason why it is not added to 100% is that a certain amount of polyester fiber is required to make a mattress to ensure that the three-dimensional structure does not collapse. Our wool pads are filled with 76% wool + 24% polyester, which is the highest wool content in wool mattresses. It really deserves to be the mattress of choice for a five-star hotel.
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