How to check the quality of the mattress

by:JLH Mattress     2023-03-01

Many friends will ask this question. In fact, there is no strict testing standard for the quality testing of mattresses. Therefore, today we will briefly analyze how to detect the pros and cons of mattress quality from professional and non-professional perspectives. For most mattress products, there are nothing more than two kinds of spring mattresses and coconut palm mattresses. Of course, there are others like health mattresses, water beds and so on. For products with spring properties, the main core part is elasticity, which can withstand the magnitude of the impact force, and then the speed of recovery, whether it can reach the original position well and in a short time, this is the most intuitive thing we measure. standard. For coconut palm mattresses, it is better to first check whether there is a certificate of conformity, because it is impossible to detect the quality of coconut palm from our non-professional perspective. From a broad perspective, the outer layer is packed with Simmons fabrics, etc. We can easily judge this. We basically have our own senses in terms of feel, texture, and comfort. Generally speaking, it feels comfortable. It is the standard by which most of our friends test mattresses.

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