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How to choose a latex mattress

How to choose a latex mattress


First of all, how to distinguish true and false natural latex mattresses: ask and try

Look: The natural latex mattress is milky white and yellowish, with a matte surface and no obvious reflection under natural light. Synthetic latex is white, reflective, and has an unnatural texture.

Smell: Natural latex has a faint fragrance, a bit like the smell of milk. It might be stronger when you first buy it and it will fade after a while. Synthetic latex may be irritating, unpleasant or aromatic.

Touch: The natural latex mattress feels silky and delicate, and the skin feels delicate and comfortable. While inferior latex mattresses feel smooth to the touch, they have no texture at all. It gives a solid feel without any softness. So how to distinguish between true and false latex mattresses? You can feel it by touching it several times with your heart.

Test: Natural latex has strong toughness and resilience, and it will quickly return to its original state after being pressed, while synthetic latex has poor toughness and takes a long time to return to its original state. Take a handful and hold it some distance away. Natural latex does not shatter easily, while synthetic latex tends to shatter easily.

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Secondly, the thickness selection of latex mattress:

The thickness of latex mattresses is generally between two and twenty centimeters. The greater the thickness, the softer the mattress. So how thick should you choose?

Thickness within 5cm: more suitable for dormitory bed use, or directly on the original mattress. Thin latex mattresses can be used with teenagers and middle-aged and elderly people;

Thickness of about 5~10cm: It can be used directly on a hard bed or coconut palm mattress, suitable for most adults;

Thickness over 10cm: suitable for heavy people. For example, people over 80kg are recommended to choose a mattress of about 20cm. If the latex mattress is placed directly on the row frame, it is recommended to be more than 15 cm.

The above thickness range is only for reference, and you can make appropriate adjustments according to your own conditions during actual selection. In addition, the mattress is not as thick as possible. For most people, about 10~15cm is the choice of both cost performance and comfort.

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